Options for dual mod PS3 TE

Basically there’s no stock on anything… how am I supposed to do a dual mod if there are no PCBs?

Any ideas? PS360+ is vaporware to me and the ChimpSMD has been out of stock for centuries now…

AE for PC is coming and my stick TE BlazBlue does not work with my motherboard (laptop) dualmoding will save the day (360 mode)

Padhack a 360 pad.


Pad hack plus imp, or just pad hack plus dtdp switch.

I did it, and can tell you that there’s a huge sense of achievement when you finish.

go to toodles directly for a ChimpSMD or a MC Cthulhu. IIRC, they are both compatible with PC…Well I know the Cthulhu is.

Toodles is vacation in Switzerland and UK.
He will not be back until July 20.
Last day order was Tuesday.

The answer is what d3v and Eben01 typed.

No reason to want a chimp for a ps3 te anyways…padhacked 360 fightpad/imp as suggested is the way to go…

Dual modding 101 is worth a read for you.

any good guide on setting up the imp+fightpad on a PS3 TE?

most if not all of the guides are the other way around 360 TE with a an external board,

also just the imp http://www.lizardlick.com/Toodles-Imp-Board_p_544.html and

are needed ? no switch or anything to physically use switch between consoles?