Options for replacing non microswitched buttons?

I have an HRAP3 SA and a PS3 TE(on the way) That I’m thinking of modding with MC Cthulhus and 360 Gamestick PCBs. As such the original PCB’s in them wouldn’t be necessary anymore. I’m hoping touse the PCB for whenever I finall Tackle making My own stick(s). On the TE at least, I’d like to still be able to use the Home button (I’d probably lose the Lock switch capability though), but without the PCB under it I don’t know how pressing the button would be able to send a signal to anything.

An Idea I’m thinking of is putting a tact switch


under the button. I’m not sure how to make this work though. Would I have to solder it to something like this http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=2104052&x=16&retainProdsInSession=1&y=7&numProdsPerPage=60 and somehow attach it directly under the button?

Any ideas?

Please keep in mind my electronics knowledge is extremely limited.

Why toss the small pcb? Just keep the pcb and find out what wires the guide button output to on the wire harness.

The stock PS3 PCB’s would be made obsolete by the MC Cthulhus. They’d be more useful being used to make an entirely new sticks.

You mis-understand, the TE has a sub pcb underneath the turbo and guide button. There is a series of wires that come off of that sub pcb, that connect to the main pcb. You can keep the sub pcb. With a multimeter, probe the guide button contacts and wires coming off it to figure out what wire is the guide signal. Hopefully on the main pcb harness the guide will be labeled.

One you figure that out, you can chuck the old Main PCB and hook up that wire that corresponds to the guide button on the new PCB.

Hmmm, I thought only the 360 sticks had 2 PCBs?

I didn’t know that. I assumed it was the same.



In that case just hack away at the traces surrounding the guide contact with a dremel and hobby knife to isolate the guide button. see that copper contact to the left of the guide button? you can use that there and for the other side of the button scrape off the trace and solder to it for the other button. Because of the foam I cant tell where it leads, but you only care about getting wires soldered to traces linked to the two copper colored pads. Just make sure you cut off the traces going to the IC and other components. 26 gauge pre tinned stranded wire is what I suggest.

After reading your edit I have to say that that idea sounds more complicated than my original plan. I’d like to avoid dremeling the stock pcbs.