Options vs -5 DP FADC



Anybody else realize that this move is godlike and kinda brainless doing heavy tatsu (being 5 frames)? Some characters can level 1 FA CH crumple but it covers 2 of the options. 5 frame start up covers to forward dash and the tattsu distance covers the back dash. Otherwise if they dash forward use a 3 frame move. cr.jab or clst.strong.


sick. didnt think about that. I always knew hk tatsu was fast as balls but thats convienient.

good stuff.


Would there be a possible OS for this? Isn’t (HK) tatsu -1 on block?


After a DP FADC, if you reversal HK Tatsu, they’re not going to be able to block it, period.

Hold the phone - wouldn’t the tatsu break armor if you do it as a reversal? I guess they could hit you out of it if it were spaced far.


^It really depends on the character you’re up against. So let’s say you’re using HK tattsu as a reversal and using reversal timing. Using Ken as an example, his FA is pretty bad which normally gets broken. But if he spaces or even delays the focus attack properly for level 1 crumple, then it becomes a problem. So Fei Long or Dudley DP FADC for example, their focuses start up fast and go pretty far, this could happen.