OR/Cable/Doom, reliable or no?

OmegaRed, Cable, Doom…this team does not rely on either Cable nor Omegared, but allows the team core to fluctuate once Omegared gets KOd or Cable gets alpha countered into the game.

I play my omegared very patiently and use him to disrupt MSP teams by pushblock+doom assist and then coil spring to the other side and go on the offense. If Omegared doesn’t apply to cable…plz tell me of a team that benefits from omegared meter building and doom’s rocks (plz no strider, OR does not help more than sentinel)

omega red, storm, doom. If your last comment about sent means you are looking for a lower tier I would use jin (expansion). Jin goes very well Omega IMO.

Thanks for the input ShakingHands. I’ll take a hand at the team and see what comes up.

If you’re going to use jin just remember that he can do:

combo into standing fierce xxx tag out to omega

it should connect anywhere, even mid screen (isntead of just in the corner)


comboing into standing mk + omega throw assist, then do standing hp (to move you foward) xxxx blodia vulcan

but the odds you’ll connect anything is unlikely

abuse his drill (j d+rh) + doom.

I really suggest using sent or cable instead

omega red, hood and hulk or juggernaut, thc is too good