Oral sex is ‘bigger cause of throat cancer than tobacco’


Oral sex is ‘bigger cause of throat cancer than tobacco’ | Mail Online

kinda makes sense if you think about it.


I’m gonna delete this thread. No female should ever get word of this. STOP SPREADING THIS!


holy sensationalist headlines batman!


I agree with Val. I’ve never wanted to see a thread closed so badly. Please kill it. NOW.


There are no women on SRK/the internets anyway.


just to clarify

how you gonna headline your article with a misquote?


That what u get fr fuckin with the dirty dicks whores~

all this time you coulda been on my rod havin a blast knowin that its clean too!


That’s silly. Statistically, 4 people in this thread alone have HPV or will have HPV in their life.


^^ thought you were dead.

Thurst, you seem to be worried about somthing, are you finding the story hard to swallow?


locking and deleting this thread isn’t safe enough. [media=youtube]aCbfMkh940Q[/media]


New game. Gotta crawl out of the pit for strats etc.


I hope the OP get throat cancer for making this thread & sucking too much dick…

Gay thread, Aids thread, Die Thread!


Reading is tech. Guys are getting throat cancer for going down on a dirty snatch. On a sidenote: I had to think about the dirtiest word for the vagina I could, after much deliberation, snatch definitely sounded the dirtiest.


why not have it read “HPV is a big cause of throat and cervical cancer” than trash oral sex all together? I love me some oral sex and I WILL NOT STAND FOR THIS!.


basically everyone who is sexually active with more than one partner in their lifetime has hpv


Yo’ wommenz might all be virgins, but that ain’t gonna save you from 'dat HPV BJ.

Get yo’ shit checked, sir.

As I see it.


hey rcaido is back yayyyyy…

Time to get your gardasil shots.


i miss soup or man.

all we need is ever to come in this thread and get called a f ag. and my nostalgia for the month meets it quota


Finally, proof that Grandpa is a hypocrite!
Now he has to let me smoke!


This really blows