Orange County $1000 (SSF4, Tekken 6, Blazblue CS) JAN 23, 2011

Premier 1k

When: Sunday, Jan 23, 2011
Where: 2775 North Orange Olive Road, Orange, CA 92865
Phone number: 949-280-4472
Hours: 2:00- 12:00 am
Start time: 4:00 pm
Buy-in: $18 per tourney
Console: PS3 ONLY on official EVO monitor (ASUS)

-Super Street Fighter 4 $500
-Tekken 6 $300
-Blazblue CS $200

all prizes will go to 1st, 2nd, 3rd. (70%, 20%, 10%)

For more information and pictures please check our website.
The Legendary Lotus

I know the tournament starts at 4 but do they all start at the same time? specifically what time will the Tekken 6 one start?

all tournaments sign ups will end at 4 and tournaments will start one by one.

Sounds great!

Whoa, prize pool looks good. Oh and are you hosting practices before the tournament? If so, I’ll be dropping by to check out your store soon.

il definitely check it out

So, I went to check this store out a few days ago. I have to say, its legit. Awesome prizes and even more so awesome players. Inside, its really spacious and there are plenty of monitors and tables set up. Lotus is an overall great place to check out if you’re looking for a store that looks out for its customers.

Everyone make sure to be there for this weekend!

Hey everyone,

Level|Up is collaborating with the good people of Legendary Lotus this weekend! :woot:

The venue has tournament standard setups, space to hold over 100+ players, and friendly staff to accommodate our gaming needs.

This is a great opportunity for SoCal’s frequency in tournaments and a nice payday for winners.

Hope everyone can make it!

I’ll be there. :woot:

If there aren’t any xboxes my friends and I can bring one, or possibly more.
If you can’t find any xboxes to provide and you’re ok with me and my friends providing one or a few just give me the ok.

I don’t feel like asking to borrow someone’s stick :shake:

Oh NOW you’re going. lol.

lol I don’t always have a car.

Although, can I get a ride with you? I’m afraid to take the red truck down there… might end up getting there with just a seat and a steering wheel… lol

Do we have to RSVP anywhere? Or just show up at start-time with the buy-in mony?