Orange County/Garden Grove, CA Tekken 7 local meetups

Hey guys, I’m located in Garden Grove, CA and I’ve been looking for a community of players to meetup with and play Tekken 7. I figured these forums would be a great place to start. Feel free to post if you’re interested. I’m more than ready to drive somewhere if anyone has any locations in mind for meetups.


I’m in a Lakewood/cypress, but ocassionally visit Westminster/ garden grove on weekends.

@evilj Do you visit for meetups? If you’re interested, I’d love to coordinate something.

yeah we can meet up, we can play a few games online too if you want. Are you on PS4?

@evilj UNFORTUNATELY… I am on PC bro… The main reason I was hoping to meet up locally and play LAN was to avoid cross platform issues while also practicing for the local competitive scene. I am VERY new to Tekken though. I’m coming from a Street Fighter background and making the transition is taking work.

Yooo im over at La Mirada i wouldn’t mind a meetup