Orange County: Looking for people to play against

There isn’t a really big MvC2 scene here in La Habra, CA, so I was wondering if anyone wanted to go a few rounds against me. I want to play local matches in order to avoid the lag that happens in online matche, so thats why I am posting this thread. Thanks!

Yeah North OC is pretty dead when it comes to gay MvC2. If you have XBL, you should hit up K1 Berserker aka Gayotic_one. He plays from South Whittier so the connection should be good. He’s trash at Marvel so you should be fine keeping pace.

Kenneth sucks at everything especially video games

I have PS3

Good luck then. I don’t know why you’re wasting time in this trash game. I hate it. But oh well, to each their own or something like that. You might wanna go to the PS3 MvC2 threads instead. I’m gay.

Is this game “trash” because…?

Because I’m gay

hey if u want to play against some gd players in mvc2 come to alexs arcade. borderline santa ana/ fountain valley. we have our own thread and we have some really goo dplayers here bro.
hope you check us out. n nevermiond that diviat guy hes just a troller/doofus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Ah sick! I know exactly where that arcade is, I just dont go cuz I’ve been kinda down lately from a personal problem I had a couple months ago. But yeah, Ill try go soon (maybe even tomorrow). You have AIM or any of those messengers?

i do but i dnt go on then reallky anymore bro. tell u wat heres my number n jus hit me up. here my number n txt me itll b easier to get ahold of me n faster for me to get ahold of u. n im going there tomarow aswell :slight_smile: 714 760 8691
daniel or deathwish

ok cool. Ill PM you my # (which is what you should have done for privacy).

lol… i dnt care dude… i always change my number or get new phones so it doesnt bother me n i just give the ppl that i want my number it again :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

sorry, i didnt know that

its cool:)

If you’re in La Habra you might want to check out Super Arcade. They have a decent amount of people playing there on weekends. It’s in the city of Walnut. 60E, make a left off Grand, in the plaza across from Mt. Sac.

that looks kinda far, man.

Really? I imagine it would be like a 15-20 min drive for you. Not sure where else you’d get offline MCV2 play. Plus the players there are pretty damn good.

if u like to play mvc2 on american cabs alex arcade is the place if u prefer japanese stick super is the place