Orange/Rockland County NY

600K people live here. Odds are, some post on this site!

Please, only people who bathe regularly.

Just moved from the Middletown area to NJ a few months ago. I never managed to find anyone in the area (who played seriously, anyway). I’m sure they’re out there, though… hopefully you’ll have more luck.

I’m in Yonkers, NY so I’m not far from you. Maybe you should consider making this an all Westchester, Rockland, Orange and any other nearby Counties topic. But like you said, hopefully others from the areas would chime in as well.

I live in Pine Bush New York, but go to college and have friends who also play fighting games in Middletown.

Very good idea. I’ll do that

I used to live down there. May be back briefly in the summer before moving on to a permanent location not named Buffalo lol. Only ever had a couple of Tekken players though. If you can make it down to NYC/NJ areas, that’s where the real action is gonna be at.

I tried the whole college gaming thing down there too, finding players that know anything about fighting games outside of established competitive areas really is tough. Middletown train stations can get you to NY/NJ areas really easily, so don’t discount that option either.

i live fairly close to you guys. if anything happens let me know. im in jersey about 15 minutes from the boarder of bergen and rockland county. ill post if im hosting anything too.

I’m kinda curious, did any of you ever wind up meeting up for some games? Things always fizzle out so quickly in that area lol.

Hey guys,
Just letting you all know I live in Monroe in Orange County so I’ll be there during spring/winter/summer breaks. Otherwise I’m up in Buffalo during the school year, but I’m game to get a group going during the summer. I know there’s a handful of players that play at Rockland Community College so hopefully we can get something more going.

I’m in Orange county NY, I just found out some 3rd strike players are out here. It’s been years since there’s been any besides myself that I know of. lol! Any others? Tryin’ to round up some more why not?

I live in rockland, I’m looking for people to play super/mvc3/3s with.

I went to the RCC MvC3 tourney this past monday and met some players. There’s def some hidden talent here in the ROC.

I just copped an HD PVR so im down to stream/record some games and put it up on my youtube, we just need a place to session.

Not much into MK9, but if anyone is interested there will be a MK9 tournament at the Sound Asylum sometime this month. I’ll try to post more information when I find out more about it.

And does anyone know of a good venue in Orange County? I’ve been looking to try and organize fighting game tournaments but don’t really have a venue for it.

That was always the problem down there, no real venue to gather at unless someone gives up their house, like Jaxel used to in NJ. And even they had other options. I would suggest trying to set something up on one of the college campuses, get in good with the guy who ran that RCC tourney perhaps.

Eric: Try to get down to one of the NYC tournies while you’re at home, usually held on a Wednesday. Spooky’s website probably has more info, or check the Tourney announcements here. I’d go with you but that game makes me rage too bad lol.

I intend to hit up Next Level while I’m home, but my real stomping grounds were 8 on the break (admittedly mostly for dancing games and Tekken) but now that they have MvC3 tournaments every Tuesday, expect to see me on stream.

Yeah Break tournies are nicer anyway, plus break steaks are TOO frayyyy lol.

Fixed the post … The tourney will be 7/2

Sound Asylum’s close by. Wonder if there’s any chance MK could become a regular thing there…

lol i played a show at sounds asylum with ender and acentria. i really like that venue a lot, i wanna go back to it. but neways, like i said before, im in jersey, about 20 minutes or so from the boarder. to give an accurate scale, i live about an hour away form sounds aslyum in middletown. if anyone is down to meet up shoot me a text at 551 427 4741. ill be more than down to set something up at my place, meet up at the break, or meet up at someone else’s place.

I grew up in Rockland, but now live in southern Westchester. I’d be interested in playing actual people in Super or BB instead of on XBL.