Orange/Rockland County NY


If anyone was interested, Hostile Takeover is hosting a tourney in New Windsor. Right now there are around 42 people that are supposed to come, and we’re hoping to try and get more people to come if possible. The games that will have tournaments are SFIV AE 2012, SF3: Third Strike, and UMVC3. There will also be casuals for KOF XIII, SCV, MK9, and SG. The link below has more info for those interested. Please spread the word!


About 43 people have said they could go so far on the event page and hopefully we can get more people to come out.


I live in Nyack. I need some people to play AE with. im trying to actually make it out of pools at EVO next year and next level is a far as hell drive xD
my names Jon Breland. is my email.

hit me up on either if anyones got like, a good group i would be able to come an run set with! :smiley:


Not sure how far away that is from Orange County, but if you could I’d like the Hostile Takeover thread to keep up with updates, future events, and possibly meet other people in the area.


Hey peeps. I’m at Vassar College this summer and would be down to host some casual sessions for UMVC3 sometime in mid august, probably next weekend. If enough interest is generated I could look into acquiring a large space in the college and run a tournament. So, any marvel players nearby?


I’m down, though I’m not sure if I can go.


Anything in Middletown going on?


Not sure about Middletown events, but Hostile Takeover should be hosting events in New Windsor. It’d check their page for more info.


I don’t mind casuals, I’m too poor to enter tournaments that aren’t free or travel to new windsor


If it’s casuals, then I’d like the Hostile Takeover page on facebook and see if anyone in the middletown area is doing anything. Some of the guys there will do casuals occasionally, though the biggest problem we have is a venue for casuals and other events.


Guys, if anyone is interested, there is a place that holds casuals(mainly for Capcom fighters) in Scarsdale. I just recently found out about this place and a friend of mine tells me it’s pretty sweet. I’ll see if I can get the address for anyone who is interested in possibly going to this place and checking it out.


how far is that from poughkeepsie?


According to Google Maps, you are an hour and 20 away. However, my buddy told me that the place is within walking distance of the Metro North stop. So you do have the option of public transportation if you have to make it that way.


BTW guys, here is the site to that location ---->

I have friends who go there and they told me the place is pretty damn cool if you want to ever organize anything.


We’re hosting a 3s/UMvC3/SSF4 tournament in the New Windsor/Vails Gate area of Orange County! We’re really trying to bring together 845 as a strong gaming community, we have so many skilled players! Come through.


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<div class=“QuoteAuthor”><a href="/profile/70625/Hostile%20Takeover">Hostile Takeover</a> said:</div>
<div class=“QuoteText”>We’re hosting a 3s/UMvC3/SSF4 tournament in the New Windsor/Vails Gate area of Orange County! We’re really trying to bring together 845 as a strong gaming community, we have so many skilled players! Come through.<br>
<a href="[March 16, 2013] Hostile Takeover Presents: “Resurrection” target="_blank" rel=“nofollow”>[March 16, 2013] Hostile Takeover Presents: “Resurrection”

<br><div>I’ll see if I can make it. I’m only an hour or so away. </div>


Sign ups for DustBowl will begin at 11:30- and will end at 1:30…If u running late please contact me or the venue Now the venue is in a mall and its right next to the food court…Theres a dollar general… a rite aid and other food stands in the mall And the mall is located on Erie Blvd which has restaurants everywhere …After each tournament we tend to go out for food … anyone is welcome to join us


Any street fighter players go to RCC? I’m looking for people to play with


Hey all, I hope this isn’t a mega-bump or whatever but an arcade recently opened in Nanuet right next to KFC/Dunkin Donuts on 59. For a few fighters off the bat they have MvC2, CvS2, USF4, MKX, and UMK3, The full list of games is here on their website.

Does anyone around here play Marvel 2 still? I’m always looking for GGs and real comp. I play a mean clock and few other teams. The scene actually gets real here when the people from jersey show up as well. I’m also always down to play some CvS2! USF4 isn’t really my thing but I’m down.

Theres a few games that are missing from the list on the website. The food is awesome and freshly made in front of you.
It seems like the word hasn’t even gotten out about this place. The game selection is great and is always growing.


Street Fighter 5 bump. Not sure who really checks this part of SRK anymore, but on the off chance that anyone does, New Windsor and Middletown are both planning on holding weekly/biweekly events.

Follow on Facebook to get involved, all new players welcome.