Orbit 3s Results

From what was originally a 3v3 team tournament…
having only 16 people show up… changed it to a 1v1 single match, double elimination tournament…

Tied for 13th
Ryan Chong [KofN] (Q sa1)
Steve Liao [pocari sweat] (Yun sa3)
Gordon Thomas [tigerlee] (chun sa2)
Will Willis [will] (Ken sa3)

Tied for 9th…
Dennis Wong (Ken sa3, Dudley sa3?)
Louie (Yang sa3)
Carlos C. (Ken sa3)
Mike (remy sa1/2)

Tied for 7th…
Antoine [aneurysm x] Dudley sa1)
Jon Chen [jonstar!] (chun sa2, Ken sa3)

Tied for 5th…
George (Oro sa3?)
Anthony C [supapuffy] (Hugo sa1)

4th - Jason Ma (Ken sa3, chun sa2)
3rd - Ricky (Ken sa3)
2nd - Henry Chiang [vmct] (Makoto sa1)
1st - Jay Nogoy [yellowS4] (dudley sa3, chun sa2)

thanks for organizing a great tourny.
it was fun!

Congratulations to all the winners! Hope there will be a larger turnout next time and it’s time to bring the level of competition in TO up a notch!


Congratulations to all of you who placed in the top 5.

It’s good to hear that you Toronto players are still keeping the 3S competition alive up there. :smiley:

Take care and keep on fighting the good fight!

you guys are so lucky that team MTL didn’t come

We’re gonna have them every 2 weeks so come any time. Unless you’re scared.

jsut a question: no urien? is he played out in TO? or maybe the urinal players were sleeping?

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