OrCA fighting thread

I’m trying to establish an tournament (or a community) in North Bend/Coos Bay area of the Oregon coast. I posted earlier this mouth, but had no luck.

A friend and I are trying to find a place that could host a weekly tournament for SSf4(maybe Tekken6) in the area.

Also we are looking for players that could level up are game in SSF4/Tekken6, because online play is just awful.

The main thing is finding a place to host, we are shooting for August 5th for are first meeting/tournament, but its subject to change.

hope someone can help us get off the ground.


Apparently no one from your area knows about SRK?
Visit a Game stop (or whatever is a popular spot for gamers) in your area and post a flyer or get this information out by word of mouth, hell do both.
I’m sure other people play street fighter around you or are at least interested, its looking like you are going to have to go to them, instead of them posting in your thread.
Just make sure to spell check anything you’re gonna be putting up around town.:looney:

Thanks for the help and I thought there was no one on srk from were I am but it was worth a try.
I will do spell check…I just cant spell well lol

I’ll try what you suggested thanks.:tup:

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