Order from amazon japan?

have anyone done it and how did it go with shipping and tax?

the price is unbeatable… >_<

the vendor looks to be amazon.jp offical so it should be trusted but still
a bit scared :slight_smile:

comments and help! do they ship international? sweden :stuck_out_tongue:

/ a

amazon.jp is a part of amazon.com. try http://www.shoppingmalljapan.com/ as a third party service. i’ve used them with great results for shipping to the US. anyway you look at it though, shipping on an item like that (any joystick pretty much) from japan is going to be pricey unless you ship it via sea.

Isn’t this the option that takes a couple of months? I’ve seen people on eBay advertising free shipping from Japan - The catch being that it takes a couple of months to get here. Brutal…

Most, and I do mean almost every single one, stores in Japan REFUSE to ship videogame related goods outside of Japan.
Just scroll down that item page and look at the text above the ASIN, and it says in Japanese that the “item CANNOT be shipped outside of Japan” (ENG link, scroll down to product info).

Now, there are services like tenso and others to use, but those cost a service fee to use.
You can also use stores like play-asia and ncsx.

I’m from Sweden as well and have some experience.

I’ve ordered from amazon Japan (just manga, no I can’t read japanese but I like to own my favorites) and also amazon France (artbooks, Claire Wendling ftw)… Both times it went smooth.
I used “e-kort”(e-card), the virtual credit card you can create with a set spend and time limit if you have Swedbank(or possibly other swedish banks), and that worked fine. Paypal might also work, not sure.

Shipping took some time, but worked fine.

BUT! Read what it says in the “this page in english” option:

This tag is on a lot of certain types of items (hardware, porn, possibly games… can’t remember), and I assume they won’t ship them outside of Japan.

Honestly, It be better to just order this:

This is the all sanwa version, just about $20 more and thats prob less than the shipping cost anyways. Just waiting till oct may turn down your decision though…

sure does. everything by sea is long. when i was in australia, shipments from the US to aust were about 4-6 weeks.