Order Hrap pro 3 SA?

There any place to order the hrap pro 3 sa that ships to canada? Only place with a good price is dascheap, but are they safe? I found japanvideogames but shipping was $60, and ebay shipping is expensive also


hori’s usa shop site. dont know if they ship to canada but its worth a look

Have you tried Amazon.ca?

The sticks were widely available on the US site and were marked down quite a bit a few months ago.

There’s a good possibility Amazon.ca might have some deals and be able to offer better ship rates, too, or at least a cheaper Canadian option for you…

amazon.ca is terrible for sticks. They have some TE’s for $169

Best bet is to fight amazon.com sellers who match the HRAP 3 SA price and also ship to canada, or ebay

This is what I would have recommended

Yeah amazon.ca has nothing. didn’t see any amazon sellers that sell it and ship to canada, and the ebay were 60-90 dollars shipping

Well is the only different with the pro and pro sa the sanwa buttons? everything else is 100% the same except for the top panel color and thats it? because if so i guess i can go for that, i have spare sanwa snap in buttons