"Order up, One Minette, for here or to go?" Voter - "Here, please!"


Minette. Take a look at her for a second.


What do you see here? I see someone who’s ready to take on any challenge, whether it be serving the best food Little Innsmouth has to offer, or to take her profession to the battlefield. She is also seen as a cute girl who needs protection, as Ms. Fortune and Yu-Wan protects her with the utmost compassion. However, this is not necessarily true, for she is now being given a chance to stand up for herself and show everyone exactly what a daughter of the River King can do.
Minette can bring much to the cast of Skullgirls in the story and gameplay parts of the game. Her design also fits the “art style” of Skullgirls. Let’s go through these points, shall we?

At the end of Ms. Fortune’s story, Nadia comes back and is surprised to find out that Minette had been kidnapped, and sets out immediately to find her. Scene change to Minette’s point of view. If included in the game, we would be able to see how she got kidnapped, why, and where she was taken. This will allow us to see into the Medici Mafia’s inner workings, possibly garnering more info on the Mafia characters (Black Dahlia, Ottomo, all of the Cirque Des Cartes members except Hubrecht). Imagine if Black Dahlia was the warden for the daughters of the River King, and through Minette’s story, you hear what the Medici’s have planned for the daughters, or maybe Lorenzo Medici took them as a ransom for something else…
As you can see, Minette could possibly bring a lot out into the light, only being rivaled in story strength by Isaac or Marie. Similar to those two, Minette has a style all her own. Let’s talk about that next.


This video shows gameplay from a character called Coyori, a character from a game called Battle Fantasia. Her stance (holding the platter effortlessly while fighting), and her broom attacks coupled with attacks with a pan (like Peach in SSBB) might be some stuff Minette would do herself.

Thanks to Kawaii Freak for bringing Coyori to my attention

Our favorite waitress from Yu-Wan’s Restaurant has a few tricks up her apron to bring to the roster of Skullgirls. Her style is built around her profession, just doing her job while her customers fight for her in various ways.
Here’s where one of her inspirations comes in, Kyosuke: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l7GuLkO3FRI

Looking at him at first glance, he looks like he has little to do with Minette herself, but her customers might garner their attacks from his patterns. Also, Mike Z has presented the possibility of him, the rest of the team and other characters in the game appearing as Minette’s customers. (We might even get a Mike Zammich reference!)

They would also help her by giving her tips, which gives her “confidence” (akin to “evidence” for Wright and “PP” for Frank). Getting enough of this “confidence” grants her the power to overcome her weaknesses. This means she will start out clumsy at Level 1 and get less and less clumsy. Being the daughter of the River King, this max confidence level could possible bring out her feral side. Look at the River King here (he is to the left of Eliza, right above Valentine):

If Minette is related to that by blood, it could open up some really cool Dagonian power type stuff (like vicious bites, water powers, etc). She might even undergo some kind of transformation…
This possible feral transformation is not what Minette is about on the surface, though. You can see what she is all about as by looking at her design, which we will talk about next.

Minette’s design is, admittedly, very underwhelming at first sight. Although, it is a simple design, it goes straight to the point. An apron and head necklace with a shell (probably to represent her Dagonian heritage). Nothing more, nothing less. Her design gives you the sense of where’s she’s from, and what she’s all about: a hard working Dagonian just doing what she does best. This simple pure design fits into the art style Skullgirls goes for (this point can be up for grabs, as is whether the design of a character is good or not is purely an opinion).

In conclusion, Minette is a character that might not be the sexiest, or the strongest, but she has a charm all her own that could really breathe fresh air into Skullgirls and into fighting games as a whole. I realize you all have your favorite characters, and I respect that. In this coming vote, I suggest that you vote for Minette. Vote for fun gameplay. Vote for Mike Z as an attack. Vote for customer service. Vote for this Dagonian princess. Vote Minette.


Thanks. I am also a Minette fan and hopes she wins next round. I find the whole waitress style to be awesome. It’s like when she is fighting she has to goals, one being to serve her customers and the other to fight while doing it. I also like that Mike and the rest of the team would be featured in her moves as customers lol. And the whole confidence increase is amazing. First she starts off as clumsy but the more she makes her customers happy, the more she’ll be happy which could open up a lot of new moves.

And people might think her story might be useless saying all she did was run away and no other meaning. But it’s very important because it’ll mention why the Medici’s kidnapped the River Kings daughters and what he could’ve did to make them want to kidnap her sisters.

And people may underestimate her and think she is just a boring fish waitress with a bland story and design in isn’t fighting game material (which all by the way is so false it’s not even funny) but I assure her style is very unique and fun and she would be a very interesting character that you don’t want to miss out on.

Go Minette for round 2!!!


I should mention that I had made the connection between Minette and Coyori several days ago, and the community took a dump on my head for that.


Aye, Wolfe. Coyori doesn’t look like Minette’s character as a whole, I just saw that her stance and some of her attacks might be some stuff Minette herself hits the opponent with. The customers are another story. Then there’s the confidence system.


Nobody “took a dump on your head” for making the correlation between Coyori and Minette, it was your implied coincidental reasoning behind mentioning her (Battle Fantasia = flop, had a Waitress in it… Coincidence? Wolfe thought not!). Regardless, I’m not here to reopen old wounds.

Cool stuff Bombs, glad to see a bit more support trickling in.


Thanks! I feel like if this Campaign Page for Minette has not made people consider her, at the very least, it’s shown people what she’s capable of.


I’m just reveling in the irony, that I compared Minette to Coyori’s design, and made the implication that she might suck. It was considered trolling, baseless assumptions / lies from the pit of hell. Then someone takes the exact same information and makes the case that Minette is might be good, it’s fair and accurate reporting?

That picture isn’t even accurate, unless that’s supposed to be picture of Minette’s when she’s barely 18?


Lies and speculation have a very fine line between them. It appears you made the claim that Minette would suck overall as character because Coyori and her might have some similarities. I said Minette might have some animations like Coyori’s. I never said that Minette would suck overall. I did use the same reference, but in a different way.
Is there some canon age for Minette that we are all unaware of? Without one, you cannot say that Minette can’t/could be a certain age and expect people to roll with that without factual evidence. For example:

Fact: Minette has a job.
Claim from fact: She’s probably around 16-18 seeing as People in their late teens get jobs, not 12-13, thus these pictures.

See how that makes sense? You also have to take into account that Dagonians might age like humans, but look cute and small because of their body makeup. Just because she is small doesn’t mean she is young (there are short adults and even shorter elderly people). By using the logic of some people against Minette of how old she looks, you make very critical mistakes. Say you applied that “see and assume” logic to Annie and said “she looks like she is about 10-11 years old”, you would be completely wrong, seeing as a bit of research into her reveals the fact that she is much older than she looks (due to her parents’ wish).


It’s more than just the comparison between two waitress-type. Starting with how you misunderstood TRUEB7UE inquiry and made off-kilter arguments. I still don’t understand what the hell you were getting at about hype factor and don’t really want to start that up again.

Also, the pictures are fanart. Those depend on the style and preference of the artist. It’s obvious just from looking at them. Why even bother criticizing accuracy? Unless you have issues with fan art accuracy to creator art in general. Or just want to go in a thread promoting a character that you expressed you didn’t like to start trouble.


Wait, I thought there wasn’t going to be a story mode for the second character.


Yeah it didn’t make it from the indiegogo campaign, but they said they had money lying around which was enough to complete it


Yup. Something about a character development line evaporating…didn’t understand what that meant, but they said that it results in the story mode for the 2nd character is definitely a go.


I just love this thread.


I just love this thread, and continuing mounting of excuses.
I’m glad that you were able to confirm for me that Minette and Coyori will have waitress themed attacks.
But you should just quit while you’re ahead because trying to say that your argument is any more valid than mine about whether having a fighting waitress in Skullgirls is a good or a bad thing, is pointless.


Enough to give Minette your #1 vote? If so, that’s fantastic. If not, well I hope you consider it in the future.


What exactly am I arguing? I just made a thread about what Minette can bring to the table in Skullgirls. I did admit that her design is pretty simple, but her gameplay and story potiential are quite high.
I can’t say anything about your opinion because you have not brought forth any evidence. I clearly have some facts as to why Minette would make a welcome addition to Skullgirls. Can you give me some rational reasons why she wouldn’t?


I’ve come around on this character. I only started voting for her in the final round of the last vote, but I’m going to put her in my top 4 this time. I think there is a ton of potential in her design.


Yes, you do have some facts, I know this because I used the same exact facts! That’s what makes it funny!


I see nothing humorous about this except for the fact that you are making no sense.
Up until now, you have pointed out that you and I have both used Coyori in our statements. This has been acknowledged and settled. I have a LOT more points in the original post having to with other things besides Coyori. Are you saying you’ve brought those up as well? Because during this conversation between you and me, you have not.
Anyway, I believe I asked you why you don’t think Minette would be a viable character. I get the feeling that you think that, so I wanna know why. Maybe then, I can sate your doubts.


Dont bother, the question has already been posed, the answer was already given (go check page 3-5 of “the final character has already been chosen” thread). Wolfe has his opinion, leave it at that.

Also to Wolfe, why bother posting in this thread? You dont like Minette, we get it, thats perfectly fine. You arent doing anything constructive or making any compelling arguments. You knew that this thread will not have opinions that reflect yours (its hard to miss, its a Minette thread), and you’re just making yourself look foolish. Stop while you’re ahead buddy, please.