Ordered a TE from beachaudio via amazon

They sent me an e-mail and this :

We will ship the following item to you:

1 Saitek Sf4088380/02/1 Osf Iv Fightstick Ps3 Tournam.

Does that sound like a Mad Catz TE stick to you?


It sure does sound like a PS3 TE stick:


you’re right, but it’s odd that it says Saitek and not Mad Catz o.O

That is weird that they have cataloged it as Saitek. Didnt Mad Catz buy out Saitek though?

Either way, congrats on the purchase. Hope it plays well.

i am not sure. i don’t even know what Saitek is, but they sound like another brand.

i’m not sure if i should cancle this order though before it gets shipped to me. feels a little fishy.

Saitek is part of MadCatz

Saiteks known for there PC peripherals. I think I only ever seen the odd PS3 controller from them, not an actual stick so I would say your safe. Im pretty sure Mad Catz did purchase there company. Can you not ring up and inquire?

It all looks good though buddy. Try get some confirmation before the order is processed. I bet you’ll be kicking yourself if you cancel it to find it was a TE.

Awesome. Thanks guys :]

Saitek are usually sold in Germany.It is the same sticks as madcatz.
There’s also fightpads, SE sticks…

man it’s legit eh?

Huge dilemma for me. Do I pay the markup? Depends on how long I think it’ll take to get back in stores fully.

I’m guessing in about a month?

8838 is the item code for a PS3 TE stick.

Yea ordered from them as well. I’m really hoping to get my hands on one soon so I can stop envying MarkMan.

I also ordered from them via amazon but a shipping confirmation email, but only received an order confirmation email automatically generated without the sku product code you speak of. Could you tell me how long after your order the 2nd order confirmation email arrived to you? Thanks!

I got my second email confirmation, from BeachAudio, about 2 hours afters I received the Amazon email.

I ordered the 360 version and they called it “1 Mad Catz Street Fighter Iv Tournament Edition Fightstick - Joystick (mad Catz Sf4047380/02/1).” Sounds good to me.

thanks for the update. Hopefully I don’t get my order cancelled. I’m a bit disappointed I couldn’t pick it up at the website advertised price of 140 ish, and that I had to pay in state tax, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it in the end.

I ordered a PS3 TE at 6am this morning. Stock was around… 50? Give or take. Then around 45 after I ordered.

Have yet to receive second confirmation e-mail…