Ordered From Play-Asia? Post Feedback On Service

i need some feedback on their service… thx

I had no problems dealing with them.

Haven’t had a problem with them.

Items arrive within a week of being sent (to Australia). They also throw in a $5 US discount voucher with each order (i think you get approx 2 months to use it - and voucher can only be used with orders $50 US and over) and a game themed Play-Asia plastic sticker.

Overall I’m pretty happy with their service and its one of the first places i visit when it comes to import goodies and accessories.

I’m not able to give you an idea of their refund/return policy as I’ve not needed to use it yet (so i guess that is kind of good, yes?)

Hope this helps. =]

No problems here either.

lik-sang is good too. free shipping right now.

I’ve done alot of business with them, no problems, pretty fast shipping.

However, VISA has a security problem with them. Since they are based in China, a ‘high fraud country’, every transaction gets flagged with a security warning. Your transaction will be denied and you’ll have to call your credit card company and have them give you a 24 hour period in order for you to place your order and bypass this ridiculousness. This has happened every time I’ve placed an order, what’s worse is that you can’t put play-asia on a ‘assured merchant list’ or anything like that. Long story short, hope you don’t get 'effed by your credit card company like I did.

I’ve bought many things from Play-asia for myself and for other people, I pay by Bank Deposit so there is no trouble with credit cards :D. I’ve had all my orders arrive safely in Australia, everything from arcade sticks to games to small converters.

I’ve bought many things from Lik-sang as well, again with Bank Deposit. I’d suggest you check out which one does your order cheaper and buy from them.

Yeah, I was about to ask about the two sites, because I was going to pre-order GGSLASH coming out on the 13th of April, the one at play-asia.com is $49.90 while the one at lik-sang.com is $59.90. So, my question is, to you folks out there, which site should I go to purchase this game??? And which one will be the fastest shipping, to arrive at my front door a.s.a.p.???

Thank you…

you know you guys forgot about Japanvideogames.com. From what I understand they are based out in California. Also they do have the preorder for GGXX:Slash there.

Dr. Stormlocke, is that Visa linked to a paypal account because if I order from play-asia that way, I don’t want to have any problems with them.

I pre-ordered at YesAsia.com, only $41.99 including shipping.

Yes Asia is also another great place to order asian goodies from. Add $50 to your order and get free shipping =]

I usually order artbooks from Yes Asia.

About the VISA thing. I haven’t had trouble using my VISA card with Play Asia, but there is a strange thing they do. Initially I will be charged when I make the order and be waiting for VISA Authorisation, then the charge will be cancelled from my account after a week. Soon after it will show up again, but will be confirmed with the details of the transaction (where it came from etc). I also get this with Yes Asia.

As Big Ed says, if you’re having trouble with Play Asia use PAYPAL =]

I tried paypal, but only during the confusion of my card being denied, didn’t quite know what was going on. I have yet to initialize a transaction via paypal and see what happens.

Very happy with their service. :slight_smile: