Ordered my first arcade stick


So I ordered a StreetFighter Tournament edition stick, to get in Super Streetfighter 4 and other fighting games, When I started playing Streetfighter I had many difficulties with executing my moves when I wanted to, so I was getting mad because I couldn’t play this game to the full potential, and decided to order a arcade stick.

I have played Streetfighter 4 maybe 20 hours total, with a record of 300 losses and 1 win. my bp is 5 I can’t get a win online if my life depended on it… I have tried Sagat, Adon, Dudley, Honda all were very hard to play with the xbox controller…

So my question is… What character would help getting used to the stick aswell getting better into streetfighter learning basic stuff by playing with the character?




Any character really…


Exciting isn’t it ?


Yeah it’s coming tommorow I can’t wait lol

And thanks for the replies I will try out Ryu.


Def go with Ryu, and no matter how much you’re losing (which will be numerous since you’re getting used to the stick) stick with him. Learn as much as you can about Ryu. Using a stick will make things like FADC’s, Ultras, and numerous other things alot easier. If you can’t pull something off or you SWEAR up and down you’re doing the motion correctly, go to training turn on inputs and pay attention to where you’re screwing up.


welcome to the club! I’m sure it won’t be your last. Did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I got that thing you sent me, Thanks alot dude!
I won’t learn stick-skills overnight so I am going to put alot of time and patience to get better at the stick.


np. let me know how that works for you,eh?!


Pfft Ryu. You wanna get good real quick, pick Gen.


Once you get good on a stick, going back to a pad will feel like playing the game one handed. :stuck_out_tongue:


Got the stick earlier in the morning today and I was just messing around with my stick to feel it out, so I have a couple of questions…

How do I do a Hadouken without doing a low-punch right before it? it’s like like low punch hadouken, not having this issue when doing a hadouken after a jump. And how do I do my Supers/ultra without showing that I am inputting the command?


Push the button after the motion.


I got my first stick not so long ago. I haven’t really put it down since! Hard to move from playing the Pad for the past 3 years to all of a sudden having to be a lot more precise with my inputs. Exciting though!


What Viache said. And I would suggest you spend time just getting used to doing QCF/QCB, SRK Z-motion, HCB/HCF in the training room. You’ll be terrible at first… but do motions SLOWLY and then your wrist will start to memorise it. Increase the speed until you can get it out comfortably without thinking about it. You then simply speed up the motion whilst being consistent (difficult!) to execute without doing the shoto up-down bobbing you see sometimes.

Do a move, e.g. fireball 10x on either side without messing up/thinking about it too much, repeat with SRK, HCB/HCF moves, etc. as an initial lab regime. If you mess up, start over till you get it. This can extend to any character that can DP, FADC, Ultra - kinda more exciting the first time you get it. Good luck


2 days of practicing paid off lol I went from 5 bp to like 380 bp with the stick.


Yeah happened to me to about a month ago. But man, don’t start off with Ryu man, there are already too many of those. Choose Cammy, or Dudley, or Guy. Hell, even go with Sagat, there are never too many of those. I’m just telling you, Ryu’s are the most annoying things to play online besides Fuerte’s. Do as you will, but I beg you, please don’t play Ryu.


Why not? Ryu is a great character to learn fundamentals with, cause he has a little bit of everything. Yeah, there’s a ton of Ryu online, but that’s hardly a reason to discourage someone just learning the game from playing him.


Understood. Play who you want to play. My bad.