Ordering A p360

Well I am getting a p360 and I want to do it today… Im not too sure where to order it from though… I was thinking about Happcontrols.com Or Lizardlickamusements.com… What do u guys think… I would rather order from which ever one has better shipping…??

Also hows installation… Im not too familiar with doing stuff like that… So how hard would it be for a beginner to install it… Or would I just be better off getting it down professionally???:wonder:

order it from lizardlick. he ships it out the day after you order it. installing depends on the case if its a mas or something it will drop right in.

yeh its a mas. lol hmm happcontrols is sayin somethin bout a screwdriver if u pay like a dollar extra… Im bout to take that route lol

wow, a screwdriver for an extra buck!!! must be quality… :rolleyes:

You wont be dissapointed with Lizardlick.

Ok i ordered from lizardlick! lol now can anyone point me in the direction as to where i can find how to install the stick myself?

LOL. I have so many of those free items from happ right now. Especially the 56 piece security bit set or whatever. I have like 8 of those bad boys. But hey, they are giving away free stuff, i’m not going to turn it down.

The LCD Flashlight is pretty good too. Just ticks me off how much I have to spend to get a water bottle.

Anyway, should be easy to install. You just need to find the 5v and ground to hook up to it. The ground should be easy, the 5v might be a little more difficult, though I’ve never seen the inside of a mas stick so I have no idea.

lizardlick, i hear good things

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