Ordering Parts

Since http://www.lizardlickamusements.com is not taking orders right now, is there another fast/reliable/cheap place to get parts online or in Indy? I am building a stick for a school project and I really need parts ASAP! Thanks!

One of threads seems to come up every week…

Read the damn stickies man.

Ladies and gentlemen, our “where to buy parts” thread for the day.


Awesome, thank you. You have both been extremely helpful.

Well maybe if you had spent two seconds in this forum you would notice that there is at least one of these types of threads created DAILY. How hard is it to use a search function. Actually READ the stickies, they have links to different distributors of parts! If you ask for help and arent willing to accept peoples responses then you should take your sarcasm else where.

Every place is backed up on orders. Lizzardlick, Aki, Gremlin. Just check the stickies and pick one. People recently seem to be recommending modchipman.

Thank you.

Modchipman is my go-to from here on out, as Rob probably has the best customer service around, and that’s worth a lot.

I second www.modchipman.com, they’ve got both Sanwa and Seimitsu parts in-stock as of now.

maybe happ might be faster? i only see a lot of people going for JP parts like SE and SA.

Product isn’t what is causing the issue, the amount of orders is the issue. Buying Chinese knock offs of iL parts (aka Happ) isn’t going to speed the process up any.