Oregon Coast Deathmatch (SSFIV, HD Remix)


Come enjoy the night hanging with fellow fighting game enthusiasts, check out the beach and just generally have a good time.

Day 1 is all about building a strong sense of community, just getting to know everybody and playing some friendly practice matches. Feel free to stay the night, some of you have a long way to drive, this is a more relaxing and cost effective alternative to getting a hotel or heading out at 3 in the morning.

Day 2 is tournament day, where you’ll have your chance to express your dominance in whatever area you choose.

Super Street Fighter IV (Xbox 360)
Super Street Fighter II HD Turbo Remix (Xbox 360)
Super Smash Bros. Melee (Wii, GC)
Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Wii)
And anything else you want!
(If time allows, and if people have setups for the games to played)

August 13th and 14th.

Awesome Beach House in Lincoln City, Oregon
(Parking is at Lincoln City Cinema)
3755 SE High School Dr
Lincoln City, Oregon, United States
The address is for the theater, not the venue. You will be parking there.
CALL 812 329 9089 when you arrive at the theater so that someone can pick you up. The venue has plenty of sleeping room, 2 wall mounted TVs for finals and grand finals, pool tables, etc.

Check in for August 13th is 4:00-9:00 pm, please do not show up any earlier! There’s plenty to do in Lincoln City if you wind up in town ahead of schedule.

If you can’t make it before 9:00 pm please let us know as far in advance as possible.

Tournament Day is August 14th with registration beginning at 10:00 am. You may show up early (preferably after 8AM) if that’s easier for you and hang out until 10.

You will not be able to park at the venue! However, we have been approved to let guests park at the Lincoln City Cinema. Please park as far away from the theater as you can so that we won’t be bothering their customers.

When you arrive please call us and let us know where you are and how many people you have with you, we can taxi you to the venue in one of our vehicles.

The number to call is (812) 329-9089 (whitty’s phone). Be sure to save this number. We won’t be able to get you if you don’t call us.

We are in need of setups and folding chairs. Please supply these if you can so the games run smoothly.

TO REGISTER: Contact Whitty (the sooner the better).
You can message, call, or e-mail her.
812 329 9089 (leave a message with contact information if I don’t answer)

Buy-in for each individual event is $5

Day 1 Lodging Fee: $30

Day 2 Admission Fee: $10

Payouts: Payouts for events will be determined on the number of attendees for each event.

Day 2 admission fee does not apply to those who already paid the lodging fee.

Keep in mind! If enough people are attending the lodging fee and/or admission fee may drop. Tell your friends!

Schedule of Events (Subject to change)

Friday, August 13th:

3p - 9p: Check in/Casuals/Day 1 registration
11p: Quiet time

Saturday, August 14th:
10a: Registration/Casuals
11a: SSB.VC 1v1, SSF2THDR 1v1
12p: SSBM 1v1, SSF4 1v1
1p: SSBB 2v2
2p: SSBB 1v1
3p: SSF4 Teams
4p and on: Finals
8p: Cleanup
9p: Check out

If you are out of state and need to stay the second night this is possible, but you need to let us know well ahead of time (like right now!). There can’t be many people Saturday night so if you don’t tell us now we may not be able to accommodate you.

(This is a repost of the original tournament page for OCD. Rules and more information about the tournament are on the original page)






Im assuming I’ll see you there simon, GK tournament pales in comparison to this. I’m so hype!


Except you need to be able to drive over there.


hell yeah…beach house > arcade with bums asking for money outside


Simon is obviously gonna pick me up on his way down slash, real talk i don’t think anyone is gonna go to this… :sweat:i mean the GK tournament:sweat:

just a slip of the finger guys, looking forward to the OCD tournament!


idk…i dont ride with juggalos


Thats a low blow:sad:


What about Twilight fans?


that’s ok…twilight fans are female


For reals though, you guys should try and set up a date where there isn’t anything else going on so you can have as many people show up as possible.
Also, post match videos, number of people who showed up, etc.
If you have some good competition and a fairly decent number of players I’m sure you could get even more people to show up.
Good shit to all you kids for doing this on your own.


Yeah, I told the the TO (Qidori) to post the tournament on SRK years ago, but he never bothered to. I’m sure if he had posted on SRK then he would have made date arrangements around the GK tournament, since a lot of us are both hella hungry for some good competition. Might end up going to GK tournies in the future, sounds like they got good stuff going over there.


Well, we will have a stream going!


where is the link for the stream