Oregon Roster & Discussion (info on the 1st page)


This thread is aimed to be the centralized place for all Oregon Fighting Game information on SRK. From tournament dates/results, to player information, and just plain old general discussion.
Most of the current information revolves around Portland and its players, but this thread is meant to be for all of Oregon. So if you are a part of a scene outside Portland contact mods with info involving your arcades/players/etc. and/or ask for access to the Team Portland account to update OPs so that info is current and available.

Much thanks goes to SLCS who put together a lot of this info in our old thread.
I’ll quote some of his main post:
"I challenge everyone to this…

  1. Get AIM or other online messengers(even facebook, etc.)
  2. Get an Online Gaming Service (GGPO, XBL, etc.) ASAP if you haven?t already.
  3. Post up your contact information on here.
  4. Take initiative to make contact with the community & get together amongst yourselves.
  5. Rep Oregon in whatever way you can & be supportive to everyone in the NW"

XBL info:
GFWL info:
PSN info:
GGPO info:
other contact:
can I kick it?

this is the general format for player info on the roster, include any information you think is relevant.

Also, if you are just getting into the scene and want to learn more about us, feel free to contact Ethan Husted (pdx_jive) for more information.



Oregon’s Player Roster
(updated 1/5/11)



name: Jetay
Location: Beaverton with a Portland address "Sunset Area"
Contact: If you dont have my number by now just ask or AIM me
Can you Kick It: Yeah, i Started a thread awhile ago about my place being open but hardly anyone took advantage b/c people are lazy thinking my place is far,
Competitive: SF4, HDR, ST, VF5, TTT,
Casual: Anything else thats not Guilty/Arcana/Melty trash

Metal Health
Name: Kurt
Location: Portland, kinda downtown.
XBL info: Metal x Health
GGPO info: MetalxHealthx
AIM: MetalxHealthx
Other contact: PM me
Competitive: Street Fighter IV(s)
Casual: CvS2, CoD4, SC2, Chess, Texas Hold 'em, FIFA, pretty much anything.
can I kick it?: Yes, I am always looking to practice and learn.

Location: Portland (NE, off alberta)
Contact #: you can pm me if you really need it for something.
PS3 Gamertag: FMRoss
AIM: fullmetalross
Can I Kick it? - Probably more so this summer as school is kicking my ass but I am around…
Competitive - SF4, CVS 2, GG
Casual - Everything, I play all sorts of stuff and Im mildly versed in pretty much every fighting game you’ve heard of (well save a few thingst that weren’t emulated around when I was messing with emu’d games last year)… haha but don’t expect great things just general knowledge.

Location: the burbs (tanasbourne)
Contact #: 791.8027
PS3 Gamertag: taziri
Can I Kick it? - with plenty of advance notice, yes.
time to play games will be dwindling because i start arnis training on 2009.02.01

Name: Artur
Location: SE portland
Xbox Gamertag: Mgken
AIM: (pm me, I block everyone not on my list)
Can I Kick it?

Name: Chad
Location: Astoria
XBL Tag: SoulIntake CE
GGPO: SoulIntake
AIM: Not really! Just PM me here
Kick it?: Yeah, I’m down. I’m down to have cool people over for matches (St,HDR, SF4), beer, hold em. I’m down to drive to Portland too so hit me up and PM me!

Location: Beaverton
Contact #: 971.227.0202
PS3 Gamertag: mackinzie_
AIM: WinterOfHeresy
Can I Kick it? I CAN kick it can you?

Name: Mark Webb
Location: Portland
Contact #: 503-956-7688
Xbox Gamertag: Hellsap
GGPO: Hellsap
AIM: Hellsap
Can I Kick it? Yes you can.

now in Hawaii D:

Location: Portland
Xbox Gamertag: Ninjetek
PS3 Gamertag: Ninjetik
AIM: o0n1nja

Name: Simon
Location: Vancouver
Contact #: PM me for contact info
Xbox Gamertag: geefunkera (SF4 and ST: HD Remix)
GGPO: Yangsing
AIM: Yangsing
Can I Kick It? If there’s a set time/date for a meet up then I can probably show. Anywhere in Portland is usually fine. But I prefer just to play on GGPO cuz I’m too lazy to drive. ST, 3s, A3, VF, Tekken etc I play most everything except Guilty Gear lol.

Lord BBH
Name: Matt
Location: King City
Xbox Gamertag: LordBBH
Can I Kick It? - mmmaybe

Money_503 aka xSixDemonBagx
Name: Nick S.
Location: Beaverton
XBL info: xSixDemonBagx
AIM: Available by request
Other contact: Available by request
Casual: SF4, BlazBlue, KOF12, HDR, 3rd Strike.
Can I kick it? Advance notice is needed to kick it. Is on Live at odd hours, mainly late night.

Name: Evan Nguyen
Location: Portland
PS3 Gamertag: kusanagi-style
Can I Kick it? with advance notice

Manco the gr8
Name: Ian
Location: Portland
Xbox Gamertag: Mancothegr8
Can I Kick It? - I can kick it
Games you play: SF4, HD Remix, CvS2 (soon to be Blazblu and KOF12)
Competetive or Casual: Depends on the game. Would like to be competitive is everything but casual games is what got me into fighting games to begin with

Name: Jason
Location: Vancouver, WA
Xbox Gamertag: N1GHTG0AT - (The “O” is a zero)
AIM: DespragiFool
Can I Kick It? - My transportation is limited, but I’m always up for a commute if there’s adequate notice. Once I have a quality arcade stick, I’ll be game for games most anytime I’m free.
Games you play: SFIV, Third Strike, Super Turbo - I’ll still throw down on Marvel once in a great while if it’s with old friends.

Name: Eric
Location: Bend
PS3 Gamertag: Blue__Chips (2 underscores)
GGPO: eric25
Can I Kick It? - Nope.
Games you play: HD Remix, Street Fighter IV, 3rd Strike
Competetive: Street Fighter IV, HD Remix
Casual: 3rd Strike

Name: Rylan
Location: Lloyd Center and vicinity.
PS3 Gamertag: Tresjin.
Can I Kick It? - Probably not.
Games you play: SF4, CvS2, MvC2, 3S, MvC1, MSHvSF
Competetive or Casual: Mostly casual. Maybe competitive a half-dozen years ago, but the area in Korea I was in for 5 years had practically no capcom

Name: Ian De La Cruz
Location: Beaverton
Xbox Gamertag: Xeris7
AIM: XerisMox
Can I Kick It? - Down for Online, my place is cool, can meet up at arcades and other places. Will play at gamestores.
Games you play: SC4, StarCraft, GG:AC, KoF 11/95/98, CVS2, MVC2, SSBM SFIII:TS, DotA, TF2, Halo 3,
Competetive or Casual: Competetive

Name: Joshua Kiser
Location: Hillsboro (Baseline 185th)
Xbox Gamertag: Allanon10208
Can I Kick it? - Contact Xeris for Information :slight_smile:
Competetive or Casual: Competetive

Name: Hien
Location: Portland
Xbox Gamertag:imhien
GGPO: imhien
AIM: h13n13
Can I Kick It? I show up for Versis fight nights every now and then.
Games you play: 3S, VF5, SF4

Name: Andrew S.
Location: Portland/Beaverton
PS3 Gamertag: ajs_PSN
AIM: crackerfury503
Can I Kick It? Depends on a lot of things, but msg me either here or PSN. Usually online at nights/weekends only. Sometimes show up to the PSU weekly on Wednesdays.

Tsunamiken aka SSP
Name: Jeromie (pronounced Jeremy)
Location: Portland, Downtown right by PSU at the end of 5TH Ave.
GFWL info: Tsunamiken
AIM: Refritobean
ICQ: 126185
MSN: tsunamiken at hotmail dot com
Can I Kick It? I can kick it like the Rockettes at a Tae Kwan Do class. Any time is good for me, I am always down to play I have all the classic arcade SF and SF based games on my PC as well as GGPO and several controllers available but I would recommend bringing your own.
I also make electronic music in several styles. http://sonicwave.biz

Name: Seth
Location: Hillsboro/Beaverton area
Xbox Gamertag: Milkurfase
AIM: dagoat411
Can I Kick It? - Not really. With a newborn and fulltime work schedule I am pretty much online only.
Games you play: Street Fighter 4
Competetive or Casual: Casual
Look me up. Would love to play with some local folks. I am still learning, but am always up to play new folks

Name: Minh
Location: Beaverton/Tigard
Xbox Gamertag: oo3mL (I don’t use my 360 for games anymore)
PS3 Gamertag: siiFood
AIM: dumadisbminh
Can I Kick It? - Not really. I have a wife and two kids so I think I’m too old to have playdates…even though I’m only 27. I can play online in the evenings though.
Games you play: SFIV, SF HD Remix, VF5 (I suck), SC IV (I suck), KZ2, Socom:C, CoD.
Competetive or Casual: Very casual, yet I get super pissed when I lose online…

Xbox Gamertag: Slash5150
PS3 Gamertag: Slash5150
AIM: BlackLunaDragon
Other Contact: PM’s and stuff…
Can I Kick It? - It depends when and where. Aside from prescheduled tournaments/Versis Thursdays (why couldn’t it be Friday ><) its most likely a no go since I have 9:30 classes Monday-Thursday. Locally I can most likely kick it though.
Games you play:
Straight Competitive: SF4, SC4 (360/PS3), BlazBlue, T6, KOF12
Casual: VF5 (360) DOA4 (360) T5DR (360) SF2HDR (PS3/360)

Name: Bill Krops
Location: Corvallis, OR
Xbox Gamertag: Bill Fn Jersey
AIM: ViaFiction (though you’re better off PMing me I think)
Can I Kick It? - I’d like to. lol. I’m up for local events and plan on going to some Portland events in the near future
Games you play: Street Fighter 4, KOF, CvS2, and most other 2D style fighters
Competetive or Casual: mostly casual nowadays. But I still enjoy the competitive scene

Name: Hector Garcia
Location: Beaverton
Contact Info: PM for contact info
Xbox Gamertag: BLOORATARD
Can I Kick It? - XBL(for now :D)
Game: SF:IV & HD Remix for competition. MvC 2 for casual play.

Name: Charles
Location: SE Portland (when I was playing and attending mvc2 tourneys a few years back I was in Eugene OR)
Xbox Gamertag: The Chardinator
AIM: Chardinator
Can I Kick It? - I havent hit a tourney in years but Im always down to play. My bro (drewdub) and I play every once in a while down at Lloyd
Games you play: MVC2 and every other fighting game
Competetive or Casual: well it always starts casual…

name: Drew
Location: Portland (around NW 23rd)
Xbox Gamertag: bumperfront
Can I Kick it? - I go to Versis every Thurs
Competitive - SF4 (If you can call my scrubby Ryu competitive)
Casual - VF5 (I just picked this game up and don’t have much of a clue what I am doing)

name: Dylan
GFWL info: tnaived
GGPO info: dvnt
AIM: thesupremegift
other contact(s): ray_bob24@hotmail.com
Competitive: SF4
casual: 3s
can I kick it? I can kick it occasionally, but being an hour and a half away from P-town limits me somewhat.

Name: Travis
Location: NE PDX
XBL info: The Pasqual
AIM: PasqualWins
Other contact: Ask me.
Competitive: SF4
Casual: VF5, KOFXII, BB all in transition to competitive. Elsewise, SC4, MvC2, HDR, whatever else.
Can I kick it? I can host on occasion and chill most days of the week at some time or another. Always up for playing pretty much any game.

Name: David
Location: NE Portland
XBL info: R_Panda
MSN: infiniteenigmaticism (at) yahoo (dot) com
Competitive: BlazBlue, SF4. Maybe Tekken 6 when it drops.
Casual: VF5, Vanguard Princess, Battle Fantasia. I do not play MvC2, ST, or HDR.
Can I kick it? Yep. I hang out at Versis on Thursdays, and if you live close I have a car, most evenings are cool.

Name: Mike
Location: Albany/Corvallis area
PSN info: SSJMike, ka_wylie on a friend’s account
AIM: No AIM, but MSN Messenger. PM if you want to add me.
Other contact: MSN Messenger
Competitive: SFIV
Casual: Pretty much every other Street Fighter, Soul Calibur games
Can I kick it? Online, pretty much every weekend. Add me and we’ll get in some games, I could use the experience

xxShuma Gorathxx
Name: Cody
Location: Vancouver, WA (15 minutes from downtown Portland)
XBL info: Used Meathook
Other contact: CJanssen83@hotmail.com
Competitive: SFIV, BlazBlue
Casual: Marvel VS Capcom 2
Can I kick it?: YES! Weekends aren’t typically the best time though…as they’re deemed “girlfriend time”. lol.
I’m not super good at fighting games, but I do enjoy them immensely. If anybody wants to get together for some BlazBlue or SFIV, I’d be down. Or if anything, just hang out and grab a few beers someplace. I’m always interested in meeting new cool people.

name: Dan
Location: SW Portland, pretty close to downtown
GGPO info: Ashane
AIM: AshaneX
other contact: ashane138 on skype (all i use now)
Competitive: yes, i’m competitive mainly in every SF2 version, 3rd Strike, and Alpha 3
casual: Garou: MOTW, KOF '98, Marvel vs. Capcom 2
can I kick it?: hell yeah. my roommate’s not down with having people over that she doesn’t know, but if we get acquainted, i certainly wouldn’t mind inviting some peeps over to my gaming palace. i’m also cool with going anywhere within Portland accessible by bus.

Name: Nick Saenguraiporn
Location: Lake Oswego (soon to be Beaverton)
XBL info: Saint Chanchai
PSN info: Chanchai
AIM: NickySaeng
GGPO: I will eventually be on GGPO
PlayFire: Chanchai
Venue: Versis (Gresham, OR)
Competitive: Virtua Fighter (any), King of Fighters XII, Street Fighter IV, Soul Calibur (any), Virtual On Oratorio Tangram
Casual: Street Fighter (any), BlazBlue, Tekken, anything–I love fighting games.
Can I kick it? My schedule is difficult, but I’m always down for finding some common time and trying to make it work.

Name: Dan
Location: Salem/Keizer area
XBL info: Holy Robot, add me as a friend and message me that you’re from shoryuken.com and I’ll add you.
AIM: No AIM, but MSN Messenger. PM if you want to add me.
Competitive: HD Remix, SFIV
Casual: MvC2, pretty much any game, but I’m still waiting for parts to build my stick, so I’ll suck balls until then.
Can I Kick it? Depends. I’m married and busy with my wife’s cake business on top of working and such. Give me some dates in advance and I’ll try to make them work…
Got seriously into SF4 for a while but now I’m rocking HD remix and I absolutely love playing it.

name: Angel
Location: Woodland
PSN info: Game_god_2020
Competitive: SF4
casual: MVC2, MKVDC
can I kick it? Ill be at Versis on Thursdays now

Name: RonJo (just like it’s spelled if you’re trying to say it)
Location: Hwy 99 and 217 near Winco
XBL: Uegwen01
PSN: Wandering_Weasel
Aim: Vwhatclimber
Contact #: 8608769
Competitive: SFIV, working on BB
Casual: Anything and everything!
Can I kick it? Yeah. If you bug me before 10am you’re a dead man. I’m usually up fairly late (2am ish) and so’s my roomie. Feel free to drop by. let’s get the live games rolling!

Name: Quinn (yes that’s 2 Ns)
Location: Beaverton
Xbox Gamertag: Elbo444
AIM: Elbo444
Other Contact: PMs
Can I Kick It? probably not, still only 16 w/ no license or car, I’ll play anyone over XBL though
Games: SF4, SSF2THDR

name: Alix Vang
Location: Troutdale, OR
PSN info: i dont own a ps3, well at least not yet. But i play on this account a lot " EternaL520 " which is actually billy’s psn.
casual: COD4, SSBB
can I kick it?: Fo sho, yes I can and i mostly go to the versis fight nights. In other words i just need an advance notice of date/time.

Name: Andy
Location: SE PDX (Mt Scott)
XBL info: Ilthuain
AIM: Ilthuain
Other contact: Ilthuain@hotmail.com
Competitive: Hmm, nothing yet. I feel that I’m strongest in VF5, the Tekken series, and HDR.
Casual: Anything, really. I’m not too fond of SF4 in its current form, but I’m familiar with almost every major release in the genre. Right now I’m playing Battle Fantasia and KOF XII while I wait for the Tekken 6 home release.
Can I kick it?: That depends who you are! I’m married and almost respectable, so the days of playing games with random dudes 'til the morning light are long gone, but get-togethers would be cool. I have a pretty nice TV and would happily host the occasional game-day (as long as beer is involved).

name: Eric
Location: Portland
XBL info: efou
PSN info: efou
Games: SF4 off and on
can I kick it? maybe

Name: Daniel
Location: Salem, OR
AIM: urmodersohawt
Other Contact: MSN: reminisce.turtle (at) hotmail (dot) com
Competitive: None at the moment. I suck too bad haha.
Casual: SF4, CoD4. Anything really. I just enjoy games.
Can I kick it? Sure. I work part-time and go to college full-time so I don’t get too much free time though.

Name: David
Location: Beaverton
XBL info: DoomedDZZY
conact info: get a hold of me on live for now
Competitive:SF4, Tekken 6 (need competition near by since netcode is poor on this game)
casual: marvel vs capcom 2, virtua fighter 5, all fighters, FPS
Can I kick it? I am up for hanging out if you want to play some xbox 360 and have a few beers. I have 48 games for it. I am old though (33) but I pretty much only play games when I am not working. I have no kids, and no family to bug anyone though…

name: Kenny Yeager
Location: Vancouver, WA (currently in Kissimmee, FL for college purposes)
XBL info: Kendrik the Red
PSN info: KendrikTheRed
GGPO info: Kendrik
AIM: SPCKendrik
Competitive: SFIV fairly seriously, and I was bent on learning HDR and MvC2, too.
casual: I’ll play anything.
can I kick it? When I move back to Vancouver (could be as soon as Christmas break), I’ll initially be living at home and dependent on public transit. I won’t be able to host, but I’d be up for meets if I can get to and from them.

Name: Paul
Location: Inner NE (down the street from the Lloyd Center)
XBL info: Spy Krabba
GFWL info: WedgeAntilles S
PSN info: Dtoid_Wedge
Steam info: wedgeantilles
Competitive: SF IV
Casual: SF IV

name: Aaron
Location: Salem Oregon
XBL info: clavietka (message saying your from srk)
AIM: deadhampir (hardly on)
Competitive: SF4
can I kick it? making it out to p town isnt really an option for me, currently dont have any transportation. if there is a tournament i could probably make it though.

name: Ed
Location: Salem, OR
XBL info: EdgeZephyr
AIM: DaedalusIkari
Competitive: Guilty Gear, getting there with BlazBlue.
casual: SF4 KoF98, and Garou. Will happily play competitive with any of these 3, but don’t have much skill at em yet.
can I kick it?: Buh?

name: Ryan
Location: Beaverton
PSN info: BlackStormyPLIDI
AIM: DaBrahmabull26
Competitive: 3s / ST / HDR
casual: T6 / SFIV :frowning: / Alpha 3 / Karate Champ (dont hate)
can I kick it? With a few days notice

Digital Watches
name: Alex
Location: Portland
AIM: Advael
MSN: hyper_chiron@hotmail.com
YIM: NobleKazoo
Phone: 503-621-6093
Competitive: GG, Gonna learn BBCS, maybe pick up SSF4
casual: SF*, MBAA, KoF*, Anything, really.
can I kick it? With BOTH feet.

name: Ethan
Location: SE Portland
XBL info: pdx live
AIM: redshredz
other contact: redshredz@hotmail.com
Competitive: SF4
can I kick it? Yup, with proper notice

name: Ryan
Location: Vancouver WA
Contact: mis0soup@hotmail.com
XBOX Live: Mis0soup
Can you Kick It: I be kickin it like chun lee
Competitive: SF4
Casual: Anything else thats I have also ufc.

name: Jannon
Location: PDX
AIM: adidasjones3
other contact: AIM me if you want another form of contact
Competitive: I would like to think so, but I’m so bad, it’s not much of a competition… FOR NOW.
casual: I get into VF, SC(mostly 2 and 3), GGX (most forms past #reload), and quasi-SF4
can I kick it? Work nights on a super effed up shift, so yeah - either impulsively on my days off, or yeah - with a bit of planning.

name: Matt
Location: Newberg/Dundee
PSN info: Hintalove
AIM: originalEnjoi
other contact: AIM me if you want another form of contact
Competitive: Yes, was a GG player, but with nothing else on the horizon I’ma try going mainstream with this SSF4 stuff
casual: I’ll play what ever, usually
can I kick it? Weekends when ever, wednesdays. Really if some one lived out towards me casuals are welcome when ever

Name: Phil B.
Location: PDX
XBL info:Philonous PDX
Other contact: Available by request
Casual: SSF4, Virtual Fighter 5
Can I kick it? Job and girlfriend… If i’m not in the dog house or at work most likely.

A Murder of Crows
name: k
Location: Hillsboro, OR
XBL info: AMurderOfCrows
PSN info: AMurder-of-Crows (offline till sony retracts their last 2 firmware updates on the PS3)
YIM: AMOC_Console_Mods
MSN: AMurderOfCrows@gmail.com
email: k@amurderofcrows.net
can I kick it?: My place is open most nights if someone wants to call or email first. I’m limited as to where i can go as i work during the week.

Name: Grant
Location: Clackamas Area
PSN: trueSpark
AIM: Will get one, their website seems buggy as of now
Competitive: SSF4
Casual: Pretty much everything else. HDR, Third Strike and KOF are always fun.
Can I Kick It?: My place is unfortunately not conducive to kicking it, but I have a car and can help move people and equipment if needed. So yes, as long as it’s not too last-minute.

Name: Daniel
Location: southern Beaverton
other contact: lurking #nwsf or through BBH
Competitive: not much of anything
Casual: KoF 98 UM, KoF 2k2 UM, FHD, Jackie Chan, SSFIV, Virtual On, Senko no Ronde, MB:AA, OMF 2097, Jewpuncher, you get the idea by now
Can I kick it? yes, with notice. I host, but my place is invite only due to the eclectic mix of games and limited space

name: Alphonse Joly
Location: Eugene, Oregon
PSN info: woofchee
AIM: parodyofghandi
YIM: popscythe
Competitive: SSF4
casual: SSF4, HDR
can I kick it? Goddamn right. Probably won’t be coming up to PDX for casuals, but will be trying to make Casuals/Bar Fights happen in the EUG soon.

name: Alex
Location: North Bend / Coos Bay
Contact: E-mail/steam is best
PSN : Abiaxas_13
Can you Kick It: yeah let me know at least a day in advance (also might be able to host an event)
Competitive: SSF4, perhaps T6
Casual: Anything else!

name: Travis
Location: Estacada, OR
PSN info: Deluster
AIM:N/A, Though will update when I get it.
other contact:Facebook: Welcome to Facebook
Competitive:Looking to get competitive in SSF4
casual: I also have Tekken 6, So I am cool with that one too.

Name: Andy
Location: Eugene, Oregon
MSN: tonberryjackal@hotmail.com
XBL info: Drackal
Competitive: SF4
Casual: HD Remix, and everything else.
Can I kick it?: Not at my place, but I can try to make it to tournaments and stuff.

name: Ryan
Location: Portland
PSN info: RoboticToast
GGPO info: RoboticToast
AIM: RoboticToast
Competitive: SSFIV (Hopefully? Still learning)
casual: Blazblue, HDR, 3rd Strike
can I kick it? - Looking forward to!

name: Dan
Location: ne portland
PSN info: easterislandhead
Competitive: SSF4, Bubble Bobble
casual: Tekken, Shmups
can I kick it? - Yes, I can

name: Jeff R.
Location: Gresham
GFWL info: I think RAR JEF as well?
AIM: larinfirelight
other contact: larinfirelight@hotmail.com on msn, larinfirelight@gmail.com
Competitive: SF4, BB:CS
casual: If there is game, I will play it.
can I kick it? I can’t host atm, but can lift people and am willing to drag my xbox places.

Inko Taibite
name: Nathan
Location: Eugene
XBL info: Inko Taibite
Competitive: Sure
casual: Sure
can I kick it? I am the king of kicking it

name: Ian
Location: Gold Hill, OR
PSN info: Ianskie (I should have my PS3 back in a few months)
GGPO info: Ianskie
AIM: crazyianskie
other contact: friesandacoke@msn.com
Competitive: SSF4, 3s
casual: ST, Alpha Series, KOF Series (anything really)
I can kick it.

Name: Jimmy
Location: SE Portland, OR
PSN Info: Longwang221
E-mail: randompham@yahoo.com
Competitive: SSF4
Casual: SSF4, T6
Can I kick it? Yes! (if you call in advance) 503-853-1860

name: Derick
Location: East Portland
XBL info: DMStudios
other contact: Text me (forum name, fighting game title, when a get together is) 541-335-9665
Competitive: VERY
casual: That too :stuck_out_tongue:
can I kick it? Once in a while.

name: Phil
Location: Portland, OR
PSN info: Postalboy85
Competitive: Hope to get to that level
casual: casual, yet serious

name: nels
XBL info:xrolento
other contact:msg me on xboxlive i dont use aim much

Roster Count: 73


Arcades and Tournament info

Public Gaming Locations
(always contact the host for guidelines, directions, etc.)

Best Bout Throwdown Tuesdays and X-Factor Fridays
When: Tuesdays 6pm - AM, Fridays 6pm - AM
Capacity: 40ish
Discussion thread: http://forums.shoryuken.com/t/throwdown-tuesdays-and-x-factor-fridays/112839
Additional info: 10+ setups, projector and streaming. Tuesdays are all Fighting Games, while Fridays is more of a party with a wide variety of games to play.

Ethan’s House: Sole Purpose Fight Nights
When: specific day is undecided atm, just call and see if you can get games going.
Capacity: 20ish
Contact info: 503-380-4395 Aim: redshredz Email: redshredz@hotmail.com
Discussion thread: PDX Sole Purpose Fight Night: Sundays

K & AJ’s Place: The Crow’s Nest
When: Mondays & Saturdays 7:30pm - 2:30am, pickup games throughout the week.
Capacity: 12ish
Contact info: (971) 225-0522 email: crowsnest@amurderofcrows.net
Discussion thread: The Crow’s Nest Saturdays & The Crow’s Nest | Facebook
Additional info: this is an apartment with 3 cats, so watch your feet and the door.

Jeromie’s Place: PDX Downtown Fighter’s Lounge
When: Fridays & Saturdays 12pm - 10ish
Capacity: 9ish
Contact info: 5O3-475-37l3
Discussion thread: http://shoryuken.com/f22/portland-downtown-fighters-lounge-fri-sat-253370/
Additional info: this is an apartment with cats so watch the door.

Oregon Arcades:

Ground Kontrol - ST, A3, 3s, KoF '98, SC2, MvC2, TTT, & more
511 NW Couch St.
Portland, OR 97209
Ground Kontrol Classic Arcade : Home

Lloyd Center’s Tilt - SSF4, 3s, CvS2, KoF '03, MvC1, MvC2, T5 DR, T6, VF4, SC2, & more
2318 Lloyd Center
Portland, OR 97232

Electric Castle Wunderlands - Avalon, Tekken 5: DR,
3451 SE Belmont St
Portland OR, 97214 (503) 238-1617

Hotshot’s Billiards - VF4, Samurai Showdown 2, SNK multiarcade, & more
Beaverton, OR 97005 (503) 644-8869

Rogue Valley Mall’s Tilt (Medford) - SvC: Chaos
1600 N Riverside Ave (rt 99), Medford, OR

Beaverton Wunderland - ???
Milwaukie Wunderland - ???
Gateway Wunderland - ???
Gateway Mall’s Tilt (Springfield) - ???
Heritage Mall’s Tilt (Albany) - ???


Slugfest 3 Winner: Lord BBH
[]Versis - 08.15.09 - 18 Entrants. 1st place Lord BBH, Bracket
]Northwest Majors II - 08.22.09, Tacoma, WA. Results Thread, Video Thread, Pictures
[]Versis - 09.10.09 - 15 Entrants. 1st place Lord BBH, Results, Bracket
]Versis - 09.17.09 - 20 Entrants. 1st place Lord BBH, Results, Bracket
[]Survival Kombat II - 11.15.09 - 31 Entrants. 1st place Lord BBH, Results, Full Thread
]Tilt Tourney - 1.30.10 - 25 Entrants. 1st place Lord BBH, Results, Full Thread, Bracket, Videos
[]Bloody Knuckles - 02.28.10 - 70 Entrants. 1st place RayBladeX, Results, Full Thread
]Bragging Rights - 04.17.10 - 1st place: TanakaForce. Thread.
[]Tilt Tourney - 5.29.10 - 12 Entrants(?), 1st place Lord BBH. Thread.
]Slugfest 4 - 6/3/10 - 1st place: Lord BBH
[]Dungeon - 6/16/10 - 1st place: FatBear
]Tilt Tounrey - 7/31/10 - 13 Entrants - 1st place: Lord BBH
[]Slugfest 5 - 8/14/2010 -41 entrants - 1st place: FatBear
]Sammy’s Birthday - 8/28/10 - 1st place: AfroCole
[]After School Beat Down 2v2 - 9/28/10 - 1st place: BBH & OMNE
]Slugfest 6 - 10/9/10 - 1st place: FatBear
[]After School Beatdown 2 - 10/30/10 - 1st place: Virsaga & SamB
]Slugfest 7 - 11/13/10 - 1st place: Bokkin

Monthly BBG Tournemant info: http://shoryuken.com/f22/bbg-presents-best-bout-beatdown-mk9-ssf4-mvc3-tournaments-may-14th-2011-pdx-259539/

Epic Khaos Tournament info: http://shoryuken.com/f22/04-30-2010-@-1-1-30pm-epic-khaos-tournament-league-ssf4-mvc3-256995/

Olympia Fight Club Tournament info:
Olympia Fightclub!

Next NWM Info: http://shoryuken.com/f22/nwm3-tp6-still-possible-243501/

Up-to-Date PDX Tournament info & Discussion: http://shoryuken.com/f22/pdx-tournaments-thread-next-tournament-slugfest-vi-10-9-a-250216/
Thanks to Slash

Up-to-Date Eugene Tournament & Event info: http://shoryuken.com/f22/eugene-area-tournaments-thread-ssf4-dragon-punch-2-11-19-10-@-shoryuken-league-251505/


Additional info

Other Northwest Gaming Community Info

Portland Tilt/Ground Kontrol Discussion

Team Seattle/Tacoma Metro Roster

NW XBL/PSN player/character list

NW IRC Thread


Yo. I’m still here-ish. Copy o’er my stats from ye old thread if ya feel so inclined. Not sure on my Live situations in Florida yet, but I’ll keep in touch with the guys I know here.


Nice remake of the post, good links at the end.


Handle: Pasqual
Name: Travis
Location: NE PDX
XBL info: The Pasqual
GFWL info: N/A
PSN info: N/A
GGPO info: N/A
AIM: PasqualWins
Other contact: Ask me.
Competitive: SF4
Casual: VF5, KOFXII, BB all in transition to competitive. Elsewise, SC4, MvC2, HDR, whatever else.
Can I kick it? I can host on occasion and chill most days of the week at some time or another. Always up for playing pretty much any game.

Bio: New to the area from the Orlando scene. Not a name from any games yet but working on changing that. Theory Fighter Extraordinaire; I think at 60fps. Love shop talk almost as much as I do playing the games. I also make avatars if any PNW peeps are in need and miscellaneous audio and visual projects.


Yo team portland who are you?


I’m definitely liking this layout. Gonna edit up my new info in a bit. Adding stuff to my iPod right now.


im trying to think of a way to get people’s youtube accounts out there(also to encourage more video taping) without having people put it in their info, cause the list has the potential to be pretty long as it is.
maybe a seperate list of people who get tournament footage on video and post it up on youtube(or wherever really) could work, and it could probably be tied into a “tournament results” post.


Didn’t Lloyd Center’s Tilt’s KOFXII get moved to a different location? I haven’t checked it out myself in a long time, so I don’t know anything for sure. Anyway…

Handle: R_Panda
Name: David
Location: NE Portland
XBL info: GloomyAnnelid (shared account)
MSN: infiniteenigmaticism (at) yahoo (dot) com
Competitive: BlazBlue. Working on Virtua Fighter 5 and probably King of Fighters XII as well.
Casual: Street Fighter 4, Vanguard Princess, Brawl Plus lol. I like dumb doujin games way too much.
Can I kick it? Yep. I hang out at Versis on Thursdays, and if you live close I have a car, most evenings are cool.

Bio: I started playing fighters seriously only recently, making me an '09 nab. Still, I’m pretty dedicated and enjoying the learning process right now. I might be biting off more than I can chew with all the games I want to play this year, but working with different systems seems to be helping in some key areas of my play right now.
Relative Strength(s): Execution.
Relative Weakness(es): Fundamentals, like spacing, footsies and predictability. Working on these things though.


i dunno i heard it was broken, but then last i read in the tilt/ground kontrol forum said that it was up and running. need someone to check it out in person, ill try to make it over there within the week unless someone already knows forsure.

update i went and checked today(8/11/09) and you were right KOF12 was gone, but i made a check list of the games that are there and added a few that were not on the list.


we could stop using Raishinken as my handle, that would be nice.


done, dident notice you were at the top and then i added the newer info you posted in the old thread. is your XBL OMNE SOUL or SRK? also if you want access all the active locals are welcome to help mod the thread thats what the account and new thread is for. Pasqual made the account and i edited the old thread’s info and updated it with current and new stuff(with alot of brainstorming help from local players), but that was just to get it started. now its up, so if your interested in adding to the main post’s info or just keeping the info/list up to date then your more then welcome, its up to all of us to make the thread the best it can be.

edit: also +reping Team Portland wouldent hurt xD




Updating my info

Handle: Money_503/xSixDemonBagx
Name: Nick S.
Location: Beaverton
XBL info: xSixDemonBagx
AIM: Available by request
Other contact: Available by request
Casual: SF4, BlazBlue, KOF12, HDR, 3rd Strike.
Can I kick it? Advance notice is needed to kick it. Is on Live at odd hours, mainly late night.


A seperate section for video channels, basically just listed as “(So-and-so’s SRK nick)'s Youtube”. Bumping channels to the top of the list when they add several matches from tournaments and/or things of note for the community like interviews with top players and behind-the-scenes looks at tournaments or gaming centers and whatnot.


my youtube account name is rkoehl. Only thing up there is some random combos most with crappy framerates haha.


ill check it out and add you Ross.
and yeah i was thinking maybe the idea you said while ago about having a universal youtube account could come in handy here Pasqual. we could have 1 account for PDX that is specifcally to upload tournament footage and show off local casuals that everyone could add to, and to solve my problem of getting other people’s profiles available we could have a list of portland locals on the youtube page that would link you to the listed player’s profile. that way theres only 1 youtube link in this thread but if your interested in seeing more you can potentially access the whole scene.

Edit: Also calling out all Tournament organizers and Video tapers, if you have the results and/or finals of a tournament you threw or attended and video taped, contact a mod(or become one) so we can get a “Tournament Results” post going. if there is no video then we can either list prior tournament’s brackets/results, or just wait untill after versis and NWM(given that someone keeps track and video tapes them) and start the “Tournament Results” post then.


I’ll be up there Saturday to tape at Versis, and if there is a chance, if we could get streaming that could be sweet as well.

And I’ll also get around to modifying my youtube accounts and switching videos around and all that.