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I wanted to say, absolutely, anyone interested in coming by Tuesday nights should message me for my address. We’ve been able to sustain 3-5 people a night for the last couple months, but our total group is around 10 now. If we keep growing, we can even get some local tournaments set up to try to push the skill levels even higher. I know there’s more people out there in Corvallis/Albany/Lebanon who want to get better at Street Fighter or Marvel or Blazblu or KoF.

Also, there will be an attempt at a Skullgirls scene once it comes out. It’ll be cheaper than a retail purchase, and I am so freaking hype I’m ready to explode.


Handle: Dragard
name: Braulio
Location: Sheridan, OR
PSN: xDragardx
Competitive: Ultimate Marvel
Casual: Nothing at the moment really. Marvel’s all I got for now, although I did play some SSFIV before. I’m going to get KoFXIII (I’m Mexican), Persona 4 Arena, Skull Girls, and SFxT once I finally get a job though.
Can I kick it?: Over PSN, sure. Otherwise, I’d have to know a few days ahead of time. Salem is about a half hour away, and Portland is about 1 hour. Shouldn’t be to much of a problem.


It’s not my money that’s valuable and limited but my time. I only have so much time to practice different games, and practicing games I don’t like that much anyway is a waste of time. I’m going to continue learning GG and VF5 in anticipation for the summer releases, and KoF and Skullgirls if people end up really playing those games, but everything else isn’t fun enough to care for. In fact, I’d like to update my own info in this thread.

Name: Panda
Location: NE Portland
XBL: R Panda
PSN: Likely_A_Panda
Competitive: 3S, VF5, GG
Casual: Tekken 6, Vanguard Princess, Battle Fantasia, Arcana Heart 3, Soul Caliber 5, KoF13, SF4, MSHvSF, BlazBlue, NeoGeo Battle Coliseum, Pocket Fighter, Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo, Fighting Vipers, Garou, Virtual On
I do not play MvC2/3, ST, HDR or MK.
Can I kick it? Yep. Often at Best Bout.

Btw, the Tilt information is a little out of date.
Lloyd Center’s Tilt - 3s, CvS2, KoF '03, MvC1, MvC2, T5 DR, T6vanilla, VF4, SC2
No SF4 anymore.


Panda, you going to be at Mark’s place tonight? :open_mouth: I’ll be bringing my Cthulhu powered sticks, so we’ll have two sticks for Gear~


Hey we created a FB group for the mid willamette scene. Be sure to check us out for events we will be having in the spring and get togethers. We’ll stay updated on this website as well. Our plan is to have monthly tournaments and weekly brawls. It is not limited to only people living in Albany corvallis so dont be shy to join =)



Northwest Majors 4 Thread going!



Couldn’t find it mentioned anywhere, but the Tilt arcade in Medford, OR. is gone. Has been for some time. Not that it was much of an arcade anymore in it’s last days. Now there’s nowhere left around here unless you can find a cabinet at a local pizza parlor.


So is the one in Albany…it wasn’t much either…but it was home from 90-11


It’s SOOOOOO TRUE!!! Mexicans LOVE KOF…THEY LOVE IT!!! It’s what they do!!


Thunder Force222
Name: Thunder Force
Location: Albany, mainly…but I’ll claim the whole Willamette Valley, since I move around.
XBL:Don’t have one.
PSN: ThunderForceGod
Competitive: All Vs. Series, Guilty Gears, Vampire Series, Super Turbo 3rd Strike CvS2
Casual:KOF13, SFIV SF Alpha Series, Blazeblue, Rage Of The Dragons, World Heroes Series, Rival Schools, Pocket Fighter, Star Gladiator/Plasma Sword, Virtual-On, Windjammers, Super Dodgeball, MK1-2-3, Killer Instinct 1-2 Alien Vs. Predator (CPS2)…AND SHMUPS…SHMUPS SHMUPS SHMUPS!!!
There really isn’t much I haven’t played. I’ve been playing since 1992…20 years.
Can I kick it? Kinda, my Acura was stolen last year, but I get around the state pretty good.


Handle: junitZ
name: Luis
Location: Tualatin, OR
XBL info: junitZz
GFWL info: n/a
PSN info: juniiitZ
GGPO info: n/a
AIM: junitZ78
other contact: msn: shousha_lover@hotmail.com
Competitive: any SF game, except for 3D (shivers), any MK, Soulcalibur (up until 4), MvsC1 & 2, all Killer Instinct
casual: any other…
can I kick it? I’d like to think I can kick it… I’m an old school fighter, but I was quite good in my prime.
Hopefully I will kick it even more when I move to OR… practice makes perfect!

update: i managed to land a good job in Portland, so… yeah, I just moved in! now I’m looking for good places to bout from Sunday to Tuesday (my days off for the time being) - let me know if you know any, besides Best Bout. thx!




Hey, Oregon. Just a dropping a friendly line about this new regional. www.saltfest.org


Sounds like fun…unfortunately its the same weekend as NWM :frowning:


Hey guys. New member here.

I started getting into fighting games during EVO 2011. Since then I’ve mainly been a stream monster. Only watched, never played. But, about a month ago I finally picked up UMvC3, and just yesterday I got my first stick. So, I’m still pretty crappy, but looking to level up once I get my team down, and I was wondering what are some of the best places near Salem for FG gatherings? I got a car, so even if it’s like an hour or away, it’s cool.

Handle: TakTik
Name: Zefe
Location: Salem, Oregon
PSN info: TakTik503
Other contact: Ask me.
Competitive: None yet.
Casual: UMvC3(trying to get better at it to go competitive), and Persona 4 Arena. I plan to get AE, but not till I have UMvC3 down.
Can I kick it?: I’m able to kick it when I don’t have school or work. Only thing is that I still suck really bad. Like, newbie level bad.


TakTik… I don’t know how to break it to you, but you live in KoF13 territory.

The Salem crew includes some of the top KoF players in the region, but most of them really don’t think much of the rest of the “current” fighting games around.

I suggest you check out the facebooks, there’s a Willamette Valley FGC group that’ll hook you into the community. Also, there’s a monday night thing in Corvallis every week that you’re welcome to attend. The particulars should be in the aforementioned group, or you can drop Beboped a pm and he can give you directions to his place.


Hmm… I am Hispanic. Maybe I should pick up KOF. Lol. But, seriously, thanks for the info. Found a couple of those facebook groups, and I also found out about Best Bout which sounds pretty cool. I probably won’t be going till I at least have my combos down, but good to know. Thanks again.


I’ll play umvc3 against you online on PSN
PSN is FMRoss Im not on too often but if Im not trying to get down some silly combo I’ll get in games with you


Hey guys, I just moved up to Oregon about 2 months ago for school from Cali. I cant find any gamers out here. I live in Mcminnville… I used to be big into MK until MLG Anaheim, I lost a little bit of hope and dropped the game. I’m back now though, I wangt to get back into the competitive look of gaming. Im looking into injustice, I have ttt2 and enjoy it, though I haven’t played in awhile. I just want to get ready for EVO guys, I’m looking for some help


Hey, any Portlanders planning on going to Northwest Majors who I might be able to get a ride with? I gotta go win at ST!