Oregon SF4 // Tekken 6 Arcade Cabinets // Compet. Scene?


New to SRK. I used the search function to no avail specificly pertaining to this topic. So I ask you;

If you’re living in Oregon, or have been here to some end, have you been to ANY arcades with SF4 // Tekken 6 cabinets? And more-so, is there some sort of compet. scene here in this state? Perhaps I’m not looking hard enough but all I can seem to do is either a) humilate my friends on LAN or b) play online.

Thanks for your time. /huggle


Have you tried browsing the northwest regional thread? It seems to cover Seatle and Oregon, but correct me if I’m wrong. :sweat:

Northwest: Discussion & Matchmaking


Much appreciated dude. Tech. Oregon is considered the “Pacific Northwest” so I tried here first. <3