i am eating double stuffed oreos atm.

i take them apart and make quadrupal stuffed oreos.

and then i realize fuck it, i’m just going to take them apart and eat them open faced.

the cream is the best part of an oreo.



On the THISISWHYYOUREFAT site, they took the cream out of the cookies and put it into a bowl, making some sort of dip, using the Oreo cookie as a chip.

I’m far too lazy to do all that work.



If by cream you mean “sugary edible oil product” and by best part you mean, not as good as the cookie part, I agree completely.

Also I like eating them the way you aren’t supposed to (like a normal cookie…the cookie and cream parts balance each other out nicely.)

I get the feeling this thread will end in tears…
only on SRK…


This is quality content.


A sugar cookie man this is crazy…


one of my friends eats the frosting off of cake, but not the rest

now oreos are one thing, cause the cookies are basically burnt ritz crackers with no salt, but CAKE? how can you disregard such a lovely food!?


seasonal oreos are my favorite. not quite double stuff and not regular size either. and i feel they taste better as well.


How much milk do people like incorporated into their oreos? Personally, I dunk the oreos until they’re really soggy, but not long enough that they liquefy and then ruin the milk.


I like soft oreos.

It’s great when the milk tastes all oreo-ish after your done with the cookies.


FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUu i’m cravin…i hate you srk :sad:


so we are only discussing oreos? cause it would be 1000x better if the whole cookie nation was involved i love me some chewy cookies but i digress

oreos are awesome!!!


I love oreos, without the frosting. Ill spend an afternoon watching a dvd, while scraping a bag of oreos of their frosting so i have delicious chocolate cookies.

I also dont like oreo milk, with its little black specs that look like dirt. I will dip my oreos in milk, but will not drink it afterwards.

Flame on SRK


Here’s a recipe for homemade oreo filling (it’s pretty close, and even if you think it’s not, it still tastes good):

Oreo filling

1/4 cup softened (not melted) unsalted butter
1/4 cup vegetable shortening
2 cups sifted icing sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract

Put the butter and shortening in bowl and beat that shit on low speed. Add the sugar and vanilla gradually. Turn the beater up to high to make it light and fluffy.

Eat it with a spoon.


I stopped by a Jack in the Box a couple days ago. I ordered an Oreo Milkshake, it was delicious.


I had Oreo Cheesecake for thanksgiving…

I gained 8 pounds on thanksgiving…

And I plan to make Oreo Balls for christmas. :slight_smile: (SO GOOD)


Dipping Milk Duds in a bowl of Oreo cream, disgusting or delicious?


Candy + Iced Cream = Delicious! (usually ~,~)


Fuck you for making such a delicious thread.

Sounds like a trip to the store is in order tomorrow. 2 bags of Oreos (hopefully peanut butter and mint or just two plain double stuffed) and a quart of milk.

I like my Oreos dipped in milk, soft but with a little bit of crunch to it. Milk is the best part after dipping like 20 Oreos in it.


Fuck Oreos.

…brb making a snack.


Oh… No he didn’t…