Org: get on my level

I heard your interview <3

Like you said: lets run it back…

Anyways, the bet will be the same if you like. First to 10 for 100-500

anything inbetween those amounts should suffice. Lets get this money. Keep thinking you’re on my level. 10-2. Nuff said.

Should be free for you this time, cali ain’t got no one but chunksta.

BET it, whatever amount

first to 10 for 250? We can do more, but i’ll give you a chance to run it back (again).

An even better idea it can be a smaller match before hyo wigfall 1000 dollar match, hopefully it can happen at the same time so everyone can see you get your ass WHOOPED, it’s just a game, but it’s still gonna be my money and your money in my bank account LOLZ.

Yeah, you’re right. Nobody really saw our match at ecc. That was a good look for you cause 10-2 is ehhh. See you at evo aka I’ll be at the gucci store with your money. :slight_smile:

God I love Marvel.

Hype! This is gonna get serious!

Brandon loves to hype shit up lol, Yo Rashaan GET THIS FUCKING MONEY!

you already know where i stand on this

I got 50 on petey piff anyone wanna side bet it? Gimme that rapesta money ;]

This would be great before hyo and wiggy… pleaseee dont let me miss this

I got 300$ on potter

I like Rashaan over Bill

I got 20$ on rashaan?

holla back

pfft gimme that Yipes i got 20 on potter more if you want… and I got bills back too if he wants to get at org

who’s org? haha. im serious tho.

I believe Org = Evil Rashaan

i like potter for 50

whos evil rashann. haha. im still serious.

I’ll take that bet. :slight_smile:

Now that part…I can’t answer.