Organizing a MvC2 tournament: Approved

I talked to the manager over at my local gamecrazy store and he said that he would give the game a chance. He’ll give me a date sometime in the next few days. Hopefully, we can get some customers to cater to the store and enjoy the tournament. My friends and I are planning the tournament. We want to make it as fair a playing field as possible. Our manager has taken an interest in the tournament because of the notion it could attract people to the store. As a result, he’s helping with the planning. We’re considering banning the following characters from play:
Magneto, Sentinel, Cable, Servbot, Roll, and Anakaris. This will balance the roster out to 50 characters and create balanced play.


Ban the top tier and the next tier just takes over.

Just gotta accept that or play a more balanced game really.

servbot, roll, anakaris? -_- why u gotta ban the alternate dimension top-tier squad? see, i woulda participated in this, but when i saw no servbot and no roll, it was game over for me. my strongest mvc2 lockdown is mos def’ my buster shot/kobun trap sigh smart move banning those 2…

Gee why isn’t Storm part of that list :confused:


That is the STRANGEST banned character list I have EVER seen :rofl:

Now if he said something like We’re considering banning the following “people” from play: Yipes/erik/wong/kelly it would make more sense… but banning servbot and not storm??? lol ok i guess ill just use storm/IM/cyke lol

nah, i wouldn’t advise that he ban people from play. that’s just down right chicken. banning certain characters is trying to diversify the game.

if this goes down, post that footage caimerman

If he bans those chars, what’s gonna stop ppl from runnin storm/im/cyke/doom/psy/commando/tron all day?

You should be more worried about Strider Doom or Spiral Doom.

True :rofl:

Thank god there aren’t many s/d players around :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh they are in the works thats why… lol people are comin up win non sense wif this nigga strider… I wouldnt be surprised to see s/d in top 3 at evo this year:nunchuck:

why not just make it a low tier tourny my god u not even touchin the surface of chars that should be banned to begin with lol this is funny as hell

can world warrior guile, johnny cage and astaroth be used?

I’m going to just say this because I have been informed not to speak of this subject again: The banning idea was handed down, but was later rejected for standard rules. Fight with whoever, win with whoever. Thank you and get off my ass.

there will always be opinions on the subject of tiers man, no hard feelings :woot:
let the Marvel tourney go on! i have to read your 1st post to see when and where this is again

will this be in D.C.?

shittt if theres no restrictons I’m in!! lol

Well, see, that’s the thing: As of March 8, 2007, I was informed by the staff that I cannot act as a third-party advertiser for tournaments to outside people. As a result, I cannot reveal the location or date of this event. I’m truly sorry for getting everyone’s hopes up like this for a big letdown. But seeing such passion from all of you, even criticism, makes me realize that this game is truly a time-tested great and will have a scene regardless of politics or anything else. Thank you for your time and interest in this subject.

hmm, this tourney sounds like a CIA operation lol

special guest: President Bush
Team USA: CaptainAmerica (proj/dash) / Charlie (aa) / Guile (aa)

yeh. it’s THAT serious!

So outside people means people not workin in ur store…?
hmm you know wat dont answer that lol