Organizing the Yoon forums

Hey guys … i have been actively visiting the Yun forums for some useful info and i find it severely disorganized.There’s like several combo threads, important threads that are not stickied, people creating matchup threads inspite of there being one already.Please bring this to a mod’s attention so he can sort it out (:

YES please! this will be very beneficial to all of our readers. look at the vega or dhalsim threads for an example. we dont want that for ourselves! :stuck_out_tongue:

Makoto forums is a great example of how char. forums should look like (=

I am a mod on this section. Be specific about what you want. I don’t intend to touch this character so if you don’t say what exactly you want done and to which threads/posts I’ll just do it my own way.

I think this is a good one to start with

So specifically what do you want? Just sticky it? What about the other combo thread? Delete that? Merge? Do what with what? If you guys can’t be bothered then nether can I. Like I said, I have no interest in Yun anyway.

I can’t speak for everyone else here but I say just replace it. This one has a lot more depth to it, insight + frame data.

So you’re going to be the mod that is happy that he’s a mod but not actually do shit with your section?

Fucking knew Wizard should have let me do it.

There are 8 mods for this section including me and not including super mods or admins. I’ve done quite alot across the board already.
I’ll stick the thread linked here and unstick the other one. Want more done just post here.

the way I see it, this forum does not belong to the mods. The mods are not here to lead, we are here to watch. Dealing with trolls and lending a hand where its needed. I expect the forum to come u with ideas. The mods can provide solutions to these ideas if members do not have the powers to make certain things happen.

Fair enough. Sticky the Yun reference log thread then please. Probably the most useful thread we have right now.

imo someone should start a new matchup thread and delete the one that is posted, as well the reference log and general discussion should be stickied

and all of these waste of threads like why is yun broken, coutering yun and who does yun go even with should be deleted

We do need a new matchup thread, I fucking told you guys that the owner of the current one wouldn’t update it.

Done. I mostly merged the smaller ones into the bigger combo threads and general discussion instead of closing.
After 24 hours the redirects will disappear and the forum will look much tidier. Go ahead and make a new Match Up thread if you guys want. Talk about who should do it in General Discussion or just let me know which posts to quote in a spoiler or something on the first post of the current Match Up thread.

Thanks flowers.

Appreciate it Mr. Flowers (:

Hey Flowers, un-sticky the Tatsumaki Yun matchup thread and paste mine please as his is inactive and he has been offline since May or some shit. Thanks.

Thanks Papa and Cross for the PMs. I’ve gotten rid of some of the newer threads and switched the match up topics for you guys. Don’t forget, I’m not always around. I’ve been away for the last two weeks. There are 7 other mods around here so don’t feel you always have to wait on me. :tup: