Orginal it Ok?

hey haven’t notice this thread. I guess I can show you my orginal art work… Well there maybe one fan art :pleased:
Starting from old to new

the newest pic is going to be colored soon by someone else.

Awesome stuff. :tup:

Thank you, still got room for improvement but I have been progressing

I most definitely like your style… but I’m not sure if your proportions are deliberate. The upper arms arms are too short and thin, while the forarms and hands are too large.

which pic is that? I would like to know so I can improve on it

Edit: are talking about my recent one?(last pic)

Edit 2: you must be talking about A.B.A then. yeah I notice it myself but it was a while since I drew it so my drawing proportion have improve, thus I did the order from old to new(I should’ve dated it) plus I was trying to make it seem like the lower arm closer to the screen and your upper further a way. Not trying to make exuse just thats what i was aiming for. thanks for your feedback :tup:

All of them, although the right arm of the last image was the most clearly seen. The forearm and hand is a good 2x longer than the upper arm. The lines of the sleeve, strap, and glove are perpendicular to the view and hints that the arm is being held straight, which makes the uneven proportions stand out even more.

i c thanks for the comments

These are really nice. It’ll be cool to see em’ colored. Keep on posting! :slight_smile:

Those pics were done very well. Keep at this…

I really like the Fi drawing. Your artwork is very sharp and simplistic(in a good way I mean). Are you goin to CG any of your works for your comic?

I don’t know if I can get it done in CG(someone is coloring as we type). I would really love for it to be. Thats where my art will truly shine…

The one I like more is the last one. Great!