Origin of JP 1P Layout: Courtesy not anatomy?

For a long time I’ve been wondering why the Japanese 1P button layout is arranged as though the players hands will be angled to the right. I seem to remember reading somewhere (did a Google search but couldn’t find anything) that it was done this way out of courtesy; that on dual player cabs the player sitting on the left would sit angled towards the right side, so that his right elbow would not interfere with the left arm of the second player. Given this explanation, the almost religious adherence of Japanese console joystick manufacturers to use the 1P layout for single player retail sticks makes no sense whatsoever. I am hoping those of you building custom sticks with this layout just because it’s “arcade perfect” re-evaluate your reasons for using it.

I know what your getting at, but when I built my first custom I changed the angle around and it just wasn’t confortable. So I just went with a vielix layout the second time around


On the Astro City 1P layout the bottom row of buttons is staggered just 7mm to the left. Looks like you moved it a lot further than that to the right to compensate. I’m interested to see if moving the bottom row 7mm to the right would work out better.

The standard Hori layout is bloody horrible, I went with this one which I think was an old Hori one?

(Image courtesy of Slagcoin.com)

This is REALLY comfortable and exactly how my fingers / hand fall on the stick.

So your ring finger is longer than your middle finger? :wgrin:


I think he either uses the right 3 buttons or has his right hand at an angle.

I’ve seen some people who arc thier index and middle finger but only put a very little arc thier ring finger resulting in the ring finger being higher than the middle finger. Yes…theres alot of wiedos out there :sweat: