Origin of Storms - Fighting Game Inspired by UMVC3 and Bloody Roar


My name is Jaime Silva, I’m managing director and lead developer at ArcForged, where we build gamer communities around compelling characters, stories and experiences.

We’re currently working on a game called Origin of Storms, which is basically a love letter to all my favorite fighting games. It is heavily influenced by UMVC3 and Bloody Roar. Right now we’re at the proof of concept stage, so we have borrowed assets which will obviously be removed for the final stages of release.

Origin of Storms made its first debut as my senior thesis at the School of Visual Arts in NYC. I made a short film about the two main characters fighting one another. After that, my film was showcased in one of Unreal’s sizzle reels.

A year later, I decided to make a proof of concept for a fighting game involving these characters. We debuted that proof of concept at an event called PlayNYC and the response was overwhelmingly positive. Word of mouth about our game was spreading through the event to the point where we had half hour long waits at our single booth to play the game.

In 2019, I moved to Florida and reached out to Burnout Game Ventures, who decided to pick ArcForged and Origin of Storms up to help with development marketing, and sustainability. On July 5th and 6th, we showed an updated proof of concept at GuardianCon in Orlando and we couldn’t have dreamed of how it actually went down. Word started buzzing about Origin of Storms at the event and that word reached Alex Jebailey. He came by our booth and played 4 rounds of the game.

We have many events in which we’ll be showing the game but we’d like to move the game out of proof of concept and into a more refined position. Our first goal is to have an Alpha by CEOTaku so we can show the game in a better light than it is now. We’re aiming for early access by Thanksgiving-Christmas. Right now we have a team of 5 including myself.

Jaime Silva - Head Developer
Gabriela Borregales - Art Direction
Emanuel Miglio - Lead programmer
Hyein Go - Character Concept Artist
Hermann Kayode - Environment Concept Artist

Here’s some recent gameplay.

I played with Big Cheese this morning on his twitch stream.

The next even we’ll be showing off the game will be at the officially sponsored twitch meetup in Orlando on the 24th of August. The organizer just reached out to us so she could showcase the game and we’re pumped for the opportunity.

If you wish to follow us on social media, please feel free to check out out twitter, facebook, instagram or join our discord where you can speak to me directly.


Thank you for your time! Please forgive me if this was posted in the wrong place.

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Try the Fighting Game General forum. You’re just gonna get yelled at for being on the wrong board here.

I just happen to be in a good mood today.


No…I won’t forgive you.


I will.

SRK got cranky old men trying to put quarters into their PS4s when they lose matches online.

Gonna look at these right now.


On my phone right now but the bit I saw looked way more polished than a lot of people’s Alphas.

Hopefully you guys make it like the Omen of Sorrow guys. Been more than a few projects start then never finish.


Thanks! We’ve been in production for 6 months. We aim to go to early access beta by the end of the year. Obviously by early access we will have all custom sounds/models and animations.


I have to admit. The wikis here on Shoryuken really made it possible to make this game work. They’re pretty detailed enough to get something going as well as constant hours of labbing. We’re really hoping to show a fun and interesting game that had that draw on people like Marvel 3 did without some of the things that pushed them away like touch of death combos. Our transforming system works as a burst/cancel that you can use strategically during a fight preventing infinites. You taking an L will be entirely on you.

Essentially, each character is 2 in 1. You start off as a character with elemental powers. For example, the main character has Lightning and sword. She also has the ability to transform, losing the range of her sword attacks to become a rush down character like Wolverine. All her moves change, giving you access to a whole new character. You can also manually detransform, working as a perfect cancel that lets you continue your combo attacks. The transform can be used under attack as a burst, creating space between you and your opponent.

We’re trying to go to locals here in Orlando to get some fgc feedback on what makes the game work and what doesn’t. So far we’ve had really positive feedback. Anything negative that came up, whether it be bugs or gameplay flow problems, was fixed immediately. We hope to hit early access soon so that everyone can play and submit feedback. Our ultimate goal is to make a game that brings the community together.

We’ll keep posting news here. Hopefully you guys get pumped like we are. We definitely want to see you out there. I’ll be at any event that we exhibit the game myself so you can come talk to me personally about it.

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Been a month, where the updates at?

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Sorry for the delay. We were invited to a Sonic Fangame event so we decided to throw something together using the Origin of Storms engine. Its a fangame so not for profit, just for fun… but it went viral. Here’s what we’re making: