Original arcade buttons mapping for Street Fighter 4

Hi, i actually use a weird button mapping in my TE stick and depending on which character i get i have to make some changes on the run so i was wondering what buttons mapping does the original arcade machine of SSFIV have, i think its LP, MP,HP for the top line of buttons and LK, MK, HK for the lower one, is that right?? Is that the configuration that usually top players use??

correct and correct

          lp mp hp
          lk mk hk

this has been the proper layout for every single arcade street fighter game ever except for on the deluxe version cabinet of the original street fighter (1)

here is the official street fighter 1 deluxe layout

            p k

i hope this helps

you should use whatever configuration you are most comfortable with
personally i prefer the iphone controls

Yes that’s the original layout and the 1 most people used, sometimes with the other buttons mapped to nothing so you can make a sound to make people think you’re doing something when you aren’t. I’m not sure if having different layouts for each character is going to be good for your game long term, I assume you do that to make some difficult combos/moves easier to do?

I recall the original street fighter non deluxe cabinet having a fucked up button setup. Basically it is reversed in strength form SFII.

          hp mp lp
          hk mk lk

But now you want to use the standard set in Street Fighter II. It has been line this since. It is like this but lp and lk are the far left two that are set lower. The far right buttons mapped to L1,L2 are not used on an arcade cab.

          lp mp hp
          lk mk hk

Game Details: Street Fighter II’ - Champion Edition (Rainbow set 2, bootleg) (1992) - mamedb.com

jab strong fierce
short forward roundhouse

Whahahaaat, i did not know that!!!
I guess the design was to have the strongest buttons under the strongest fingers? Sort of parallel thinking to the pressure-sensitive pads.

Are you sure those weren’t like just a custom run of machines specially built for children born with two left hands? Or maybe they’re Australian cabinets with the screens flipped upside down, and every time you play them they give you a quarter back.

If you’re using a TE Stick with Super Street Fighter IV or with Vanilla Street Fighter IV, go into control settings, and hit Default.

That is your proper button configuration.