Original Character Sketches

Haven’t posted here in a good long while…I don’t got a scanner but I got a friend of mine to scan some pic’s of mine on a cd. I decided to put some sketches up to see what ya’ll think. They are in pen, I don’t like using pencil too much. I just like how the pen show’s up. I’m in the process of trying to find a blue pencil, like the professionals :cool: This is an original character I made up. Ok critism welcome, as well as requests…latez

One of The Crow

Again done in pen…took about half an hr…

Stargate has no competition. Just joking. Good sketches man. I like the first one alot. Crow looks good for 30 min.

Random Sketch


LOL!! Do you go to SG? If you do maybe I’ve seen you there, I go alot…well thnx about the pics, latez

Another pic, didn’t finish…

You’ve got guts!.. Showing your original characters means someone else being able to steal your ideas!.. Great style, btw!.. Hard edge!..

thnx, I’m not worried bout people jackin my shit anyways. Those are just rough sketches, plus I’m the one with the ideas and stories to back them up…thnx again, I’ll post more later

damn homes…i didnt know you could freestyle…these are really good…keep it up man…and be checking with stateside anime companies who are looking for new talent…again…good stuff!

thnx y0, yea I dabble alittle… thanks for the heads up, but I don’t know any stateside anime companies :bluu: let me know if you hear something, I’ll draw you a cable pic :cool: aight thnx again

welcome back :slight_smile:

very nice stuff, looks very good :slight_smile:

Thnx :smiley:

Some more random sketches…

yeah great sketches :cool: i love the pen, how long have u been sketching in pen? i heard it builds confidence in your drawings, cause u have to commit to the lines and cant erase

anyways great stuff, keep them coming, i like :smiley:

Them are some bad ass pic’s… Shit i did not know you knew how to draw, some bad shit, keep it up. Too Fucking GOOD:eek:

Thnx…I’ve been sketching in pen for the longest time, don’t know excactly when I started. Yea true it does build confidence and also you see more lines you wouldn’t see with a pencil, so sometimes a mistake can turn into something that looks bad ass. Thnx again…

Skimitar: Thnx y0, aparently no one new I could draw lol :evil:

that was a bad ass Character you made up. Let’s See more, scan them bitches and post them up:evil:
Oh Shit!!
I see it now he is going to have special powers and be Connected to some funky story:D
Hey where is all you Hentai Pics;)

Vicious sketches, I like them alot great job bro :)- I too like designing my own shit when I can as well- a simple copyright i just mail a letter with my creations drawings in em to myself-(cheapest with a date on the stamp)…:smiley: …anyways to slolve your blue pencil drought,( Itoo use them alot for some variety, but primarily for animation,

try the artshops around they do have what is called- col-erase-or the larger non photo leads from STAEDTLER are good as well- if you are looking for a finer edge,
PILOT had released a series of coloured leads, including the non photo, and darker blue- 0.7…hopefully you would have aceess to a store that might carry it- if not then there is always EBay…

Thnx, yea I was reading something bout copyrighting like that in Wizard magazine. I should do it. Also for the pencil thing, there’s not too many art stores around here, but I’ll check em out anyways…thnx for the heads up. I’ll have to write down that stuff you wrote bout the pencil though :lol: Ok thnx again…latez

Hobby Lobby
Texas art supply
Pearls(closed down though)

Theres plenty here in htown man. I know you have been to these places.

Yea I’ve been to Michaels like…once I think, Hobby Lobby? wow, ok I’ll have to look up the rest but thnx for the heads up, I’ll check em out, latez

Very nice work KaKaRoTtE you lines are soild, bold, and you draw the preportions very well. It’s impressive, great work, and it looks very comic book inspired…