Original dreamcast arcade stick to PS3?


ya long story short, i never played console fighting games since i have a few arcade cabinets but i have 2 dreamcast arcade sticks and want to know has anyone found a way or know of a way to modify it to work on the PS3? when i go to a friends house we use regular ps3 controllers and im terrible at them.

any answers will help me out alot…thanks!

Right now, unless someone has a custom Dreamcast-to-PS3 converter, at bare minimum you would need two converters –
A) a Dreamcast to PS2 converter (easy to find); and
B) a PS2-to-PS3 converter (harder to find, but they’re out there).

**** And before you ask, YES, you use both converters at the same time. A lot of people have plugged one converter into another and found them to work fine with little to no lag. No-lag isn’t guaranteed… ***

The only other option is to replace the original PCB with either a PS3 controller PCB or a multi-console PCB like the MC Cthulu. In the long run, a multi-console PCB is a better move unless your heart is set on keeping the original controller in stock condition. Very few of these things become that desirable/collectible and the Dreamcast peripheral market is pretty much a cheap zone except for the Virtual-On Twin Stick for the Dreamcast… That has some desirability/collectibility. Agetec is also a bit more expensive for reasons explained below.

The rest of the Dreamcast arcade sticks pretty much get gutted/converted for new consoles and refitted with arcade parts if they fit… The Agetec is generally the Dreamcast refit stick base of choice because of the adequate interior space for Japanese arcade levers (JLF and most Seimitsu series levers) and space area for both 30mm pushbuttons and replacement PCB’s like the Cthulu family. Stock Agetec is a decent if not spectacularly competent joystick and most experienced modders end up refitting Agetec cases with better parts down the line unless they’re collectors. People that use these sticks as primary arcade sticks tend to “retune” them with superior parts.

MC Cthulu is the replacement PCB I installed in my modded Agetecs but then again I’m weird in that I kept my old consoles (PS2, Saturn, Dreamcast) for the fighting games and other console-era-specific games not ported to the newer consoles. (There are tons of “girl fighters” and anime fighters that never got ported to newer consoles. Face it – most of these games were awful to begin with but if you have a favorite nonetheless–!) The MC Cthulu is the most versatile PCB on the market. The only reason it isn’t bought by more people is because it’s a pain for many individuals to try and solder in 360 support with this PCB.

****** REPEAT after me – SOLDERING is the least-liked aspect of modding in general! When they can, people like to avoid having to solder as much as possible…! ******

The Paewang PCB is the only current in-production PCB (besides the similar PCB in the Qanba and Eightarc joysticks) that has dual 360/PS3 support built-in.

I tri-moded a Dreamcast Stick with a Xbox 360 PCb and a chimp before

Alternate cheap-o solution: Madcatz Wii Tatsunoko vs Capcom stick & a Wii-to-USB converter (allows it to be used on PS3/PC)

This is truth. Dremeling is most favored.

I love soldering or I became addicted to breathing in toxic vapors and carcinogens. Dremeling is cool too, but I prefer dremling plastic over steel. I break too many cut wheels on metal.

I use a dreamcast fight stick to play MvC2 on my Ps3,

i only use one converter, this one


Sorry if posting external links isnt allowed, im kinda new to this forum.

Anyway, it works great, it allows you to use Psx/2, Gamecube, and Dreamcast on either your Ps3 or PC.

Hope this helped.

thanks for all the answers so far guys…

how long have you had it and have you run into any trouble with it?

So i got this board from a friend, i guess he was building an arcade 2player control panel but went another route on pcb…

now it says its ps3 compatible, i tried it and it seems to work but im running into a bit of trouble

i want the DC joysticks to work properly but at the same time have this wired up…what im trying to do is bridge the wires from the dreamcast stick to the custom pcb but it does not work, when i remove the harness plug from the dreamcast pcb (buttons, joystick) it seems to get a signal when i press a button or move the joystick but once i drop the harness plug back into the dreamcast pcb it grounds them all so it would be like all the buttons are being pressed at the same time, now i tried this one by one with a button and it still continues to do the same.

ive rewired complete arcade machines but this seems to be way more harder than anything else LOL

i hope im not confusing anyone…thanks

I love to solder. :sad: Solderless hacks are so uncool.

That looks like a common ground PCB, so it looks to be able to be Dual Modded. Read: Dual modding 101

so what i read it says that both boards need to be powered up at the same time for the dual mod to work?

now the dreamcast has 5 wires and the usb has 4…

i understand the usb red, black, white and green wires are…
vvc ground - +

but looking at the dreamcast board it has 5 wires…red, blue, green, white, and black…but what does one carry is what i want to know, like which one is the vvc and the ground, by looking at it im assuming the red is vvc and the black is ground but i want to confirm thats what they are before i fry anything up, anyone know?

#3 Ground
#2 VCC

Red is Data
Blue is VCC
Black is Ground
Green is Sense
White is Data

I rather people go off the pin out rather than the wire color.
I seen Dreamcast cables where the wrong color wires were used compared to the pin out

I’ve been using it since 2009

Doesnt seem to have any delay, just plug in a Dreamcast, Ps2 or Ps1, and or Gamecube and then plug in the converter’s usb into the ps3 and it will work.

thanks jdm714, got the buttons and joystick to work properly

@darksakul, wow never though about that but thank god mines was ok, tested on both consoles and they work great.

Motvn thanks for the link and info but it seems my route works fine for me to keep it but if i ever get sick of having 2 cables coming out of my arcade sticks ill prob go that route lol

seems like the only button im having trouble with is the start buttons, does not seem to work, tried multiple ways and i cant get it to work, i tried one of the regular green buttons on the arcade stick for start and it seems to work…ill prob. just drill 2 holes on the top for a select and start buttons for the ps3…dont really need the home button

thanks for all the help, ohh and i hate soldering, i rather be dremeling :smiley: