Original Fighters

The purpose of this thread is to show off what people have done, created, come with up on their own, etc.

If you want to seperate stuff by quotes you can, since it makes things easier to read and less jumbled, but you don’t have to.

There’s probaly more stuff that Im forgetting about, but I’ll go back and add it later if/when needed.

Note: This first post here is just for the Format, Rules, etc, every post after should include art or a comment about the art or whatever, or a comment about what to add here or whatever.

this sound like that capcom contest held at drawstick.com…so anyone know if the have the result yet?


this is actually my drawstick entry.

Name: Pedro Williams
Sex: Male
Birthdate: July 23
Blood Type: O
Height: 6’ Weight: 184
Nationality: Latin-American
Home life: Lives in Japan with his Coach
Likes: Meso soup and Grinding the rail
Dislikes: weak competition
Special talents: Superb balance
School: Pacific High
Subjects good at: Physics
Subjects bad at: History
Family: Mother in the US, Coach in Japan.
Universe: Rival Schools
Story: Once a talented Street hockey player, Pedro now focuses most of his time and energy on the art of Inline skating. After winning many championships in the U.S, Pedro and his Coach went on to find better competition, their destination, Japan. He later enrolled at Pacific High where he was shocked to find that no one had any interest in Inline skating. “This is a school of Football, not girlie rollerskating!” Mocked Roy, Pacific High’s star Quarterback. Pedro has alot to prove, which makes things all the better.

Deonysios -


Not only is the format perfect, but the design is amazing and would totaly fit RS, which is quite a challenge. I mean RS and Darkstlalkers probaly have the best designs of all Capcom’s games thus making any original character set in eihter series is hard to pull off well, ie making a character that everyone could totaly/easily accept as a new character. I bet people would’ve rather had Pedro in RS over Momo (damn that annoying bitch)

Although Im curious does Pedro use a stick, or does he strictly use hand to hand, or is he like Shoma where its both? (hand to hand and weapon)

Na, I had to ditch my street hockey Idea cauze, Pete(SFMC) also did his character like that. So basicly he used punches along with some Capeoria style kicks.


Heres on of my characters for an original comic I’m working on. It’s heavily influenced by SF etc so I thought it would be appropriate.

Please excuse the crappy pic, I’m left handed, using my right hand with a mouse because I dont’ have a scanner at the moment. :stuck_out_tongue:
But you’ll get the general idea…

Name: Ferris Nare

Character Bio

Birthday: ?
Height: 6’0
Weight: 100kg
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Pink
Blood Type: ?
Special Skill:
Likes: Classical/Metal
Dislikes: Hip Hop/Rap
Fighting Style: His own based on Kung Fu

Universe: My own

Ferris is the son of an African Kung Fu master. His Japanese mother died when he was young.

Character Insight:
Basically he is the Sagat to my comic’s Ryu. One special thing about him is when he fights, his dreads float and twist and wriggle like snakes.

^lol, kinda reminds me of River City Ransom, which was awesome. We have the same problem, left handed and trying to mouse with the right. Cool idea with the hair.

lol thanx dude. I’m diggin your Pedro design. He looks like a real fighter :wink:


Height: 7’8"

Weight: 535lbs

Birthday: August 1st 1954

Eyes: Dark Blue

Hair: Black

Blood Type: O

Hobby: creating stone statues.

Special Skill: earth control.

Likes: ???

Dislikes: ???

Fighting Style: power fighting. ( foucs on power more than anything alse)

Family: Unknown

Universe: Street Fighter

Storyline: Burits is a courrpt Congress man and one of the Four Guardians of Illumanit. one day Guile stumble upon Burits serect infomation while taking his famliy on vacation to Washington DC. after brutely beat guile almost to death and put him in the hospital he now seeks to put Guile down for good along with his Family as well.

Super arts

1 Lighting Rush

occupation: U.S Congress man / member of the Illumanti


Height: 5’8"

Weight 116lbs

occupation: member of Illumanti

Birthday: July 5 1975

eyes: Light Green

Hair: Blue ( dyed)

Blood type A

Hobby: cooking

Special Skill: water control

Likes: Urien

Dislikes: bad cooking

Fighting Style: Jeet keen do

Family: deceased

Storyline: Her Parents die Tsunami She was raise by Illumanti giving the power of water by Augus so that she can realise her dream but is it her dream she’s realise or his?

Super arts

1 Tsunami

Universe: Street Fighter


Height: 5’0"

Weight: 195 lbs

Birthdate: october 30

Eyes: Red

Hair: none

Blood type: B

Hobby: Skining the flesh off of live animals and sell them to the black market.

occupation: serial killer / member of Illumanti

Psychological profile: Drago is canniballistic he often eat’s his victims raw.

Storyline: Drago is a pyschopath who was one day offer a gift by Argus who promise Drago all the meat he could dream of if he join him on his quest on creating a new world and give drago water control and a little bit of Gill’s Fire control

Universe: Street Fighter

Special Skill: Water and Fire control

Likes: Meat

Dislikes: interpol

Fighting Style: self taught savage fighting

Family: unknown

Name: Roxwell

Height: 6’2"

Weight: 215lbs

Birthdate: Feb 21 1958

Eyes: light brown

Hair: Black

occupation: headmaster of Illumanti’s secret ninja squad

Storyline: Roxwell is a falling Ninja who was Expel for trying to steal the serect teachings , and was found by Argus one day on the the side begging for food. Argus promise the Ninja if he join him in make a new world that he would make him head of his serect ninja squad and give him a enough power to take the serect teachings by force.

Blood Type: A

Hobby: reading

Likes: reading

Dislikes wannabe ninjas.

Fighting Style: Ninjutsu

Special Skill: speed reading.

Family: deceased

Name Argus

Height: 6’10"

Weight: 265lbs

birthday: july 3rd ???

eyes: dark grey

Hair: white

Blood Type: O

Hobby: watching people suffer

Special Skill: ( Mind control, Light control, Dark control, Earth control and Time control

Fighting Style: power and speed fighting ( mixes power with speed )

Super Arts

1 Dark Earth ( with this super the boss Combines the powers of earth and dark into a destructive force)

2 Holy Saskuto Blast

3 The Redeemer

4 Ressurection

5 Day of Reckoning / Doomsday ( this move is sort like scar’s move From FMA the Argus Rushes at the victim and combines the powers of Light and Dark and Chi to do massive damage to the Character’s Body.)

ps: this move cause instant death if not block just like gill’s angel of death super. However can be knock out of it with a normal , special or super art attack but you have to be quick about because he’s pretty fast.

Special moves

1 Teleportation ( Dark)

2 Eruption ( Earth)

3 Time Wrap ( Increases attack speed)

4 Sloth ( Dcreases the opponent’s attack speed)

5 Hades Field ( dark)

6 Holy Blast ( Light)

7 Saskuto ( Chi)

8 Mind Screw ( Mind)

9 Shadow Punch ( Dark & Light)

10 Dark Frenzy ( Dark)

Story: Argus has grown bored of the mortals and dosen’t want to wait for the day of reckoning so he depowers Gill and decieds to host the next Sf tournament for the fate of the world.

Universe: Street Fighter

Overall story: Argus give the four Guardians their powers and give them promises . Promises he doesn’t have to keep because to him they are disposable .

Pics, possibly? I’d love to see these guys.


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