Original Madcatz TE 360 Fighstick Dropped/Stuck Inputs Windows 7

In preparation for the SFV beta for PC, I decided to hit the training room on USFIV.

However, I’ve noticed that the I’m getting dropped inputs or sometimes stuck inputs (forward, down, button holds) from what it appears to be an issue with the Xbox 360 driver issues and possibly my USB 2.0/3.0 intel Z97 mobo chipset?

So far I’ve eliminated that it’s not a hardware defect since when I plug the controller to the Xbox 360, there is no dropped inputs or stuck inputs. Basically it runs flawlessly.

The other interesting part is I have another joystick that has a Dual Strike and TEasy mod. When opting for the PC/Mame functions on the joystick, there is no input drops or stuck inputs in that mode. In addition with this stick, when plugging to PS3 it also works flawlessly. However, when utilizing the bypass mode which will then use the original Xbox360 PCB in the fighstick, the dropped inputs happen again on both my sticks.

Anyhow else running into a similar issue? I’ve tried installing the Xbox 360 64-bit installer however the problem still exists. Would it be better for me to gut the entire PCB and replace it with say a PS360+?

Thanks and any ideas or suggestions will help.