Original Mecha Concept (Need feedback)


Hi guys!! I’m trying to make some custom art for my fightstick and was wanting to do something new. So I made my first “magnified” (dont know the real term) image and also one of my first action posed mecha. Once i get it fixed after this I’ll start the actual process of putting on the fightstick and will be sure to show you all the end result. So please be sure to take a few seconds and tell me what you think. Critiques are also welcome. From proportions to pretty much anything!

Work in progress:



right fingers look bent the wrong way, it’s like they’re forcefully bent down. However I understand why it’s like that, and why it’s not right… it’s because the forearm and palm aren’t angled the way you really want. You’re trying for that “come at me!” pose, so the arms are supposed to be wide apart; the right arm isn’t doing that… it’s pointing towards us more than it should.

The pelvis looks a wee-bit big, and according to the leg placement, it’s pointing away from us a little too much, just a bit… I’m looking at the center piece of the pelvis, it’s foreshortened a little too much.


Wow, I totally got what you were saying and you were right. Ok, so I went back and tweaked it up a little but the best I could do for the hand was what I’m updating you with. I’m still a little iffy about it and was wondering if you could help me out with a hand model that would fit for the right side.



looks pretty cool. I can’t wait to see the finished product! XD


Another Update I think this will be the final edit cuz i’m liking the hand now



Although the perspective on the hand is still off, i can make sense of what its conveying. HOWEVER I do know it’s likely not what you’re trying to convey, unless I’m imagining something completely different.

The great thing about figures is that if you get stuck on some awkward strange angle, get a mirror and try and make that hand gesture and put it that perspective you’re ideally thinking about, now you got a visual to look at.

I did a self-portrait of myself doing a slightly exaggerated screaming expression, couldn’t visualize all the wrinkles I made so I did it while looking at a mirror… Looks silly, but it helps.


Yeah, I based it off of my hand and was going for a “final flash” type stance. As for the whole hand I’m still wondering how I could fix the perspective because I did pose for it and that’s kinda what i was getting :/. More help porfavor :slight_smile:


If that’s the pose you’re going for, thengo for it… according to that circular piece on the right palm, it’s telling us the figure is now bending its arm outwards… which looks kinda strange when you look at the left hand. Look what the left hand’s doing; the fingers and the arm as well are bending inwards suggesting a grappling/ aggressive gesture, now your right hand isn’t doing that anymore. What I think you’re trying to do is have the right hand mirror the left… where it as well has its fingers bending inward towards the body and the arm closing it in as well.


hmmm…I just got what you were saying in your first post…like just now :P…I totally mis-interpreted it…derp…BACK TO THE DRAWING BOARD!! While I’m away, aside from the hand, how are the changes I did to the pelvic now? Better??


It’s looking a little better… certainly not as bad as before, but it didn’t come off as perfect as my first impression, yet I don’t see much wrong out of it… Maybe I should do a Mecha Sakura and Mecha Ibuki for my stick art lol


That sounds legit, lol just let me make mine first :P!! ok did a quick edit of the hand, lemme know how this turned out. If its the right angle and it flows, then i’ll touch it up and get to inking!


The pelvis could use some work as in showing some actual joint with the legs. There doesn’t seem to be any articulation there.


was told by someone that the calf/foot part of the left leg should be a little longer-Any thoughts?


looks like something out of Tekkaman Blade.


WHOOT another update :confused:



looking better, but now the fingers are bent all over the place… right shoulder guard doesn’t extend as far down as the left. and what in the world is happening with that right lower leg…

i don’t know why, and don’t take it the wrong way, but every time you try to fix one thing, something else goes wrong. from this last drawing, i’m getting that feeling like you’re trying too hard. Now the uniform line weight is breaking the drawing…

I give up, dude.


Yeah, I noticed the fingers and was just making sure the angle of the palm was correct. I thought that was the point of foreshortening. Moving something back giving it a somewhat of a smaller appearance. Also, not too sure what you mean by what’s happening to the right leg.
Don’t worry I welcome criticism with open arms. I’m not just listening solely to you, I’m taking in a lot of other people’s advice as well, so when I update something, it’s trying to correct things that other people have pointed out. Sorry to hear you’re giving up, I’ll take this elsewhere then. Thanks for the help.


Look at the knee joint, where the cylinder is, see those parallel lines? They don’t match the line created where the opening of the leg for the foot is.