Original Music/Lyrics Thread


This thread is for SRK mbrs who make their own music. Whether your’e in a band, or it’s instrumental, electronic, or just lyrics. Feel free to post your lyrics or links to your music. This can be Street Fighter related or not. But I tought it would be kool if it was.

You can check out my original music here:http://www.myspace.com/treblazerep

Open to constructive criticism as long as it’s positive.


Anybody on SRK make lyrical songs based on fighting games?



I actually really like your stuff, downforce is awesome


I make some rather odd music, but it’s MINE!


I’m a semi-pro, mostly self-taught electronic musician. I like to experiment with different styles but I try to focus on progressive trance and psychedelic downtempo.




Amateur musician



i make beats in my free time as a hobby for now/write songs


Drum and bass for those interested


I’ve got a shit ton of songs on Newgrounds. Just me messing around in FruityLoops, usually kind of video game-esque. Check em out here: http://grozlam.newgrounds.com/
The ones with the orc face are generally the ones I think are better.

I also used to write songs for a metal band, but that’s kind of dissolved so I don’t have any recordings for you guys


I am a dnb freak, Im glad I found this thread

good stuff


dnb, dubstep, beats