Original ps one d pad


I heard the original ps1 controllers were the best pads for fighting games so i bought on ebay and the d pad is so stiff hate buying new controllers my old ps2 pad was broken in well its so stiff for me to do qcf motions how long does it take to break in a pad?


Pretty sure you heard wrong, I have 2 PS1 digital pads, not only do they work poorly with the inpin, the d-pad is a lot stiffer than the Dualshock2, it actually feels closer to the DS3 in my opinion.


i didnt mean dual shock one the original ps1 controller yeah the d pad is so stiff well that sucks wwas looking for the best pad for control heard the buttons and d pad were better more sensitive than dual shocks


Personally I felt the Dual Shock 2 d-pad is better than any of the PSone controllers. I hated the stiffness of the Dual Shock 1


certain dual shock 2s seems like it took years to get the damn d pad loose to be able to easily roll fireball motions just looking for a good d pad controller really


I believe you’re mistaken, the Saturn’s d-pad is where it’s at for fighting games.