Original PS360 Square/X button problem


So I’m checking out a friend’s stick which has a PS360 in it. The board looks good, I don’t see anything that looks out of place. Every button works fine, except Square/X and Select. What happens is, the buttons activate and stay activated. It’s really weird, any ideas? The only thing I can guess is that somehow those two buttons are accidentally grounded somewhere along the traces.


People have had success using this method, but I haven’t:



Thank you! I will try that out, I do have some resistors laying around. I’m still open to other suggestions as well :slight_smile:

Edit: More testing. The two buttons that are activated always, act as ground points. For example, if I touch a bare wire tip to the tip of the solder point for a button that isn’t active, and then touch it to one of the messed up ones, the inactive button activates. There has to be something somewhere completing the circuit for Select and Square/X.