Original sanwa obsf30 Vs generic non sanwa buttons

Hey there…

I wanted to know the difference between the original obsf 30s and the “generic” or knock off ones that can be boght from china for a much,much cheaper price…
I am not an idiot, i know they are way inferior, the only specific thing i know though is that the originals have a “solid” feel when pressed as opposed to a more " hollow" feel on the knock offs…i have the knock offs and i can confirm that, i wouldn’t know about the orignal feel though cause i never had one…

The reason i am asking is that I am trying to support my hobby of building sticks (started 3 years ago with the help of you guys) in a very harsh environement, where i am litterally the only one (to my knowledge) in my country doing it (Egypt),so there is absolutely no local supply outlet, and between our failing currency with its horrible exchange rates,and the blatant high way robbery that is our customs rates,importing is EXTREMELY expensive and overpriced…

I guess what i am asking is , does it worth paying litterally 15x more (i am not even exaggerating) for the original ones when bought and shipped from the US, or are the chinese ones “good enough” considering the circumstances?

you can get original Sanwa in Europe and Japan also. Maybe it would be cheaper than from the US.

Sucks to hear about your situation. Skimping on parts like joystick or buttons is not advised. If you have to deal with the knockoffs, make sure you buy a larger number than you need and expect a high failure rate.

Thanks for the advice, after all this time i came to find a good supplier and a couple of OK brands, so faliure rate is not that much of a problem, i even dare say that i only had 1 button that needed to be replaced on the very first batch i bought 3 years ago, and that was 2 years after working just fine! I am not a heavy user and i dont have much free time (actually i am a senior year medical student :smiley: ) but that’s pretty damn impressive considering the price.

What i am really concerned about is what i am missing…the quality of the originals, am i missing out on so much goodness that i ineed to shift to the originals?

Not really…unfortunately

I notice too often is you get what you pay for.
With some “okay” brands you can get away with (like Zippy) but they often don’t perform like the real thing.

I was given 8 Seimitsu PS-15 knock offs labeled as Sanwa from China, I can honestly say they aren’t too bad, feels and responds just as good as the real thing. I just need to take the time to put it on a real stress test, to determine the life span.

But to answer your question, in your circumstances, I’d say no. Paying close to $50 per button is not worth it, you’ll be better off using the knock offs for the time being. Unless if you’re content on spending that much, go for it.

Yeah, i use zippy as my go to stick and aside from needing a good lubrication a little bit more often…i’d say it’s fine for the time being…
In this particular case “getting what you paid for” is not totally accurate because it’s not really the price difference of the actual button that will be the “bank breaker”, it’s the source…customs and shipping from the US,Japan,or EU is what will sky rocket the price…i can actually live with the price tag if i find a reputable chinese dealer with guaranted original sanwas…but since that’s (to my knowledge) is an extremely long shot, i might as well save my self the hassle and get the knock offs from the get go.

Thanks for the input, man…i was really leaning towards not going with the real thing from the get go, i just needed some input from someone who tried both…good to hear :smiley: