Original Street Fighter Background Rips

Anybody know where I can find rips of backgrounds from the Original Street Fighter? I can’t find anything online. Specifically, I am looking for Sagat’s stage.

mugen rips maybe. . .

Yeah I’ve only found a couple of Original SF backgrounds (not Sagat’s though :P)
Was looking for original SF backgrounds just earlier… but all I found was Ryu’s stage.

btw. how do you open those Mugen rips ?(I seem to find a lot of those on the net whilst searching for fighting game gfx) I guess you have to have Mugen installed?

eh I’ll have to find a link to download a program called Fighter Factory. … and it is right here:

Basically you take out each single sprite from a mugen character using their .sff file(think)

Least that’s how I do it. . .