Original X360 HDD Case - What size are the T6 screws for the case?


Hi all. I have stripped the head removing the T6 screws that hold the hard drive case onto the hard drive. Two of the screws are ok and the other two seem a bit off. Although I have 2 screws holding at each corner, I still would like to have a set of 4 screws holding the case together and for the next time, I’ll be more careful removing/replacing the screws to avoid this issue in future. So would anyone know the exact measurements of these screws? I know they’re T6 screws but eBay brings about a whole range of different T6 screws.


It is a TORX T6 bit. Any T6 screw Driver or Screw Driver bit will work.
My suggestion is to get one of the many 100 piece $10 security bit sets that are on eBay. I don’t know of the going price is in Ireland where you are at.


Thanks Darksakul. I know that the screws are T6 bit, I do have a T6 screw bit but I just need to get the actual T6 screws themselves.


Ow the actual screws, only thing I can think of is to salvage them off a non working Hard drive
As I am unfamiliar with the hardware market in Europe