Original xbox > PC converter

i have an xbox pad and i want to play on my pc.

what xbox > pc converter do i need? which ones lag?

i bought a super joybox 10 and the shit doesn’t seem to work with vista. i get multiple inputs on my kick buttons and it feels a little laggy.

i’ve checked the convereter thread and theres nothing on this.

Most xbox to pc converters shouldn’t lag, they’re only connector changers. Xbox 1 is usb. IDK about the super joybox 10?


Do you have drivers for the original Xbox pad and did you overclock your USB ports to 1000 hz?

I believe you can actually cut the xbox pad cord and rewire its end w/ ordinary USB. There were directions somewhere on this forum, I can’t find them :frowning:

I have successfully done this. You just need the xbcd drivers afterwards. Have a google around, there’s absolutely no need for an adapter.

does it work with vista though??

All of the cheap Xbox->PC adapter do the exact same thing, so if you can verify one does, they all should, even if you make it yourself. It’s not hard.

New XBCD includes signed for Vista: http://redcl0ud.1.forumer.com/index.php?showtopic=1816&st=0

??? WTF for? Original Xbox sent everything every 4ms (250Hz) and if you think going from 250Hz to 1000Hz makes a difference, you’re nuts. That’s more than 4 checks every frame.

i’ll try that when i get back to my flat tonight, toodles, if it works this’ll be about the 3rd time you’ve stepped in to help me out.

Much appreciate all the responses guys i will see what i can do.