Origins of art

It doesn’t seem that a thread like this exists, so I’ll make one.

I’m always frustrated with people just posting random images nobody seems to know where came from. So I was thinking, if you want to know more about an image, post it here, and people can help, hopefully.

Anyways, the reason for this post is the image below. I found it on GiantBomb, but with no information on who made it, or where it was originally posted. Does anyone know?

Meow… lol… the black mage face is creepy :slight_smile:

I think this is an important issue to address. A lot of art just gets thrown around the net and no one seems to be worried about anything but making that piece of art available for their use.

For example I see a lot of custom sticks in techtalk with all specs listed except for the artist who’s work is predominantly displayed on the stick. I know it’s not like people mean to leave the artist out but I think generally we’ve all been conditioned to neglect this factoid.

If you can’t find the name of the artist, at least acknowledge him/her and drop the link to the source. Someone who also shares your tastes will bring that artist into the light.

Sic-: Good thread. As for the Tao illustration, I can’t put my finger on it, but I recognize this person’s style.

hmm, if I had to guess I would say Hyung Tae Kim drew that picture, but I cant be certain.