Orlando Bar Fights Street Fighter 4 Tournament - Orlando Fl, 10/26/09 Results

First of all, thanks everyone for coming out and making it another (the 5th!) successful event.

Here we go.

I am an idiot and lost the brackets. I have no idea what happened to them. Oh wait, here they are!

  1. Joe G. (Rufus)
  2. Leland (Gief)
  3. Alex J. (Boxer, Blanka, Dic?)
  4. Jose (Viper)
  5. Carlos (Box)
  6. John M (Viper)
  7. Prince (Akuma)
  8. Guzzy (Sagat)
  9. Bob
  10. Alex T.
  11. Harold
  12. Jimmy.

Total of 26 entrants I believe.

Big shout out to Manny form Gamme GPX for the loaning of the consoles and TVs.

Drunken Money Matches were held after and were alot of fun. I have no idea what the results of all those were. :bottle:

The next tournament will be November the 23rd, see you guys then!

I also used Rufus and Ryu somewhere in there as well lol.

Another well run event. Good Job Face.

Hope you still have my SF4 copy :).

I hate missing tourneys D:

Will NOT miss the next one. Look at Carlos moving his Boxer up the ranks now that he FINALLY stopped using a pad =)

sorry, school is killing me, I don’t even have time to go out drinking. full sail is serious.


Dear Capcom,
Please fix the hitbox on Viper’s f*cking Ultra.
Love, Casanova

But seriously, great matches all around. Congrats to Joe for the win, and congrats to Leland for making it all the way to Grand Finals.

Jebailey, you played more characters during the damn tournament than I play in most casual sessions. What is wrong with you?

Carlos, you got 5th? Jesus, dude. At this rate you’re going to become the best Boxer player in Florida. And apparently the most hated one too. :lol:

Joe took for the most part every Money Match he had lol

what was it “hey man you moved my shoulder…no no…my shoulder…”

that’s what bronxpuertorock was joking about when Joe took his dinero. Oh man and Jebailer! haha, work on those AntiGief tactics brotha.

was a lot of fun, I’ll always be happy to give you guys whatever you want for your event.

At least I know I don’t need to bring the Big CRT’s I’ll bring you more of the ACER’s.

Hype it…