Orlando Fl July 3rd Official Results

Hey Guys, I’m gonna be slammed with everyone but I’ll have Apex and FULL results of everthing posted by Thursday but here is the rundown for all the games.


1st Peter Susini/Flash-Jam
2nd- 2 piece
3rd - Alex Garvin


2nd Pablo
3rd Mike Marcin from Texas(Thanks for coming out, sorry about your stick)

1st. Alex Garvin Team Storm Sent Commando
2nd. Adam from Orlando
3rd Eder

1st Trent Van Deven
2nd-Christian Paw
3rd-Leland Miller
(Congrats to Leland and Cheng for beating me out of the tournament, First time ever I have lost to anyone other then Trent, Navarro or Walbert in a tournament.)

3rd Strike

1st Alex Jebailey Ken/Chun Li]
2nd Nathan Roach Necro Q
3rd-Matt Smith Ryu/Hugo(Good Hugo at that)

Over 100 people showed up and everybody had a great time.
Special Shoutouts To everybody from Out of orlando, PSL Crew, Miami and especially The Tally Crew GuileMike and the gang, Hope you guys had a great time.

I’ll be back with full results Thursday of this week.


all the replies got deleted

fuckin hackers:mad:

good tourney again alex

and i sent u a pm

Good good shit 2Piece from the OTOWN Commission, thats right bro Tekken aint the only game u can kick ass and fade players next time you or Hotnix take that 1st spot in that gear.

Sorry buddy but your orlando boys aint winning shit anymore while im around they lost there money and they will lose it agian like nothing. Also I want some more money next time around 100$ wasnt enough.

And next time we arent only gonna play a team tourney I want solo money matches also dont dissappear agian

:lol: omg you guys let flash win…I mean he is my boy and all but all you guys did is just give him more ability to talk shit :lol: ya’ll boys done messed up now nigga aint gonna ever shut up :lol:

lol anyhow congrats to 2piece and flash for taking top spots hola…

Let him win? There wasn’t a mufucka there who could stop him. The kid was beastin on them. And THEN turned around and took their loot.

{Sorry buddy but your orlando boys aint winning shit anymore while im around they lost there money and they will lose it agian like nothing. Also I want some more money next time around 100$ wasnt enough.

And next time we arent only gonna play a team tourney I want solo money matches also dont dissappear agian}

FLASS… FLASS… I’m glad u feel very good about your first win out of THREE tourneys. But jam had her five minutes of fame. Let’s do the math (cause i know u can’t spell (agian))if u win 1 out of three match ups what do u think is gonna happen next time we play. i guarantee jam won’t win.

lol I didn’t mean let em win like dat… I was talkin bout now that Flash won I can’t talk shit to him anymore :frowning: thats cool though cause I will just have to put em down myself :lol:

Since you’re so good at Math, how about you tell us how much money you guys went home with after the money matches in Miami?

Money match>>>>>>>tourney win any day. Or did you just pay for gas on the ride home with your props?

Hotnix: Fill’er up
Attendant: Will that be cash or charge?
2piece: WTF? Do you know who I am? I’m the GGXX tournament winner!
Kflames: Reco’nize!
2piece: Now run that pump, bitch!

Lets think about this the first tourney I wont make excuses about that you beat me. The 2nd tourney I told you I would easily beat you with Jam but frankly I wasnt in the mood to even play that day becuase I had some things on my mind and I had a slight headache. 3rd tourney I went to the tourney not playing games becuase of all that shit talking you did after the 2nd and if you dont remember heres alittle sample of it

llHotNiXll (2:59:24 PM): a dawg that was k flame,this is 2pc,and to be frank… i think thats was some pussy shit,not postin the results of the gear tourney,and who is alex garvin and why wasn’t he informed.fuck that yall r gay with yall shit. yall need to stop fuckin hatein, i no your only 16 ,but damn grow up,if you wanted to,u would have told alex garvin my name, dont give me that shit,fuck it ill post it,this an some other shit as well…holla. c yo punk ass in o-town bitch,o-yeah practice,so i dont 3-peat yo weak ass.holla 2PC! BITCH!
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:00:33 PM): wow you really think you know what your talking about
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:00:39 PM): alex garvin isnt the guy who posted it
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:00:48 PM): you idiot thats some 3s player named ryan who doesnt even play xx
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:01:03 PM): we need to stop hating please
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:01:12 PM): untill you get out of FL and actually do something like me and alex
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:01:17 PM): you need to stop thinking you hot shit
llHotNiXll (3:02:49 PM): did u get owned outside
llHotNiXll (3:02:52 PM): of fl
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:02:55 PM): no
llHotNiXll (3:03:22 PM): well i owned u 2 times wtf?
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:04:00 PM): evo do something good and you might get some actual respect
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:04:03 PM): untill then bequiet
llHotNiXll (3:04:50 PM): i beat u 2times but cant hold my own,but u can…hmm… dosent make much sense!
llHotNiXll (3:05:26 PM): peace out i own alex too
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:05:29 PM): stop thinking you hot shit
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:05:33 PM): get out of fl
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:05:35 PM): then talk
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:05:36 PM): beat everyone
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:05:38 PM): then tlak
llHotNiXll (3:06:11 PM): true but u cant beat me…gay! ok ima holla
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:06:18 PM): lol
llHotNiXll (3:06:28 PM): who ever u can i beat i can beat
llHotNiXll (3:06:32 PM): and then some
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:06:32 PM): lol
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:06:39 PM): ok go to evo
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:06:48 PM): place high like me i place high in every tourney go find a tourney where i have placed under top 3
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:06:55 PM): thats why im known
llHotNiXll (3:07:01 PM): but u can’t even beat me
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:07:02 PM): i dont know about you FL doesnt even know who you are
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:07:02 PM): lol
llHotNiXll (3:07:04 PM): how is that
llHotNiXll (3:07:10 PM): so i must be pretty good
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:07:15 PM): alex cant beat you either right
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:07:16 PM): ?
llHotNiXll (3:07:21 PM): u guys suck
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:07:25 PM): who lost the team tourney
llHotNiXll (3:07:41 PM): u guys are wack
llHotNiXll (3:08:08 PM): it’s ok when i take evo then we shall see
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:08:17 PM): lol
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:08:28 PM): wow your mouth is gonna make my shit talking after you get raped even better
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:08:44 PM): that sol shit might work on me
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:08:55 PM): but only becuase its fairly new to me
llHotNiXll (3:09:02 PM): every tourney you go to i guarantee i will place higher than
llHotNiXll (3:09:04 PM): U
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:09:07 PM): lol
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:09:10 PM): well see at evo
llHotNiXll (3:09:21 PM): i beat u at every tourney we played in
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:09:37 PM): you need to stop talking like you played me in 50 tourneys
llHotNiXll (3:10:06 PM): 2
llHotNiXll (3:10:28 PM): oh now u really suck
llHotNiXll (3:10:43 PM): you will probably never beat me
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:10:45 PM): lol
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:10:46 PM): ok
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:10:49 PM): well see
llHotNiXll (3:11:05 PM): it’s all good
llHotNiXll (3:11:15 PM): ur rock lee
llHotNiXll (3:11:21 PM): i’m gaara
llHotNiXll (3:11:46 PM): we’ll who is the best in florida
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:11:50 PM): what happen to the 50$ money match you had planned
llHotNiXll (3:11:59 PM): with who
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:11:59 PM): the team thing
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:06 PM): you knew you were gonna lose
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:09 PM): so you made it 5 each
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:12 PM): you would of lost
llHotNiXll (3:12:17 PM): really
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:21 PM): we can do it agian in orlando
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:24 PM): 20$ a head
llHotNiXll (3:12:27 PM): yeah ur best guy is alex
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:36 PM): im just as good as he is
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:12:43 PM): he just does better against certain things
llHotNiXll (3:13:27 PM): yeah but he can’t rape me sol
llHotNiXll (3:13:34 PM): DAIGO SOL whith upgraged
llHotNiXll (3:13:38 PM): upgrades
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:13:39 PM): …
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:13:42 PM): yeah you wish
llHotNiXll (3:14:12 PM): well i’m training right now
llHotNiXll (3:14:23 PM): so u have no chance
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:14:48 PM): lol
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:14:49 PM): well see
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:14:52 PM): team tourney
llHotNiXll (3:14:53 PM): so u admit u can’t beat me
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:14:53 PM): 3on3
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:14:56 PM): 20$ a head
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:15:01 PM): no
llHotNiXll (3:15:02 PM): one on one right?
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:15:05 PM): no
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:15:08 PM): buddy
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:15:29 PM): your so funny its gonna feel so good when i ebat you in july
llHotNiXll (3:15:50 PM): with who
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:15:51 PM): like everyday
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:03 PM): i played 2 times in like almost 2 months before the tourney
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:08 PM): and im still giving you a hard time
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:09 PM): now
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:12 PM): im actually gonna PLAY
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:20 PM): dont worry about with who
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:28 PM): just get your little sol ready to get rocked
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:37 PM): becuase me and alex are gonna rape you and all your freinds agian
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:45 PM): we are gonna tkae your money
FlAsHMeTrOiD (3:16:46 PM): agian
llHotNiXll (3:17:01 PM): u can’t beat daigo sol w/ upgrades
llHotNiXll (3:17:05 PM): with ur style

I dont think I need to continue thas enough to show why im talking back now

Lets think about this 1 out of 3 deal you bring up

Orlando 1st tourney we played you beat me 3 matches and no money. 2nd tourney you beat me 3 matches no money. 3rd toureny I FUCKING RAPED THE SHIT OUT OF YOU in like 10 matches in a row and took your pussy ass teams money.

W.E when you want some you can come down here and get some and bring your pay checks

I dont follow these threads much, so i don’t know what the fuck is everyone’s problem with GGXX and shit.

Pete took first, 2piece second, what’s the big deal? Pete owning everyone in ggxx is what i saw, so why is there even a debate about who owns who?

Btw, i was really glad to see everyone there, from the talley crew to psl. Thanks for coming, goes for everyone!

back at ya chris

guys lets try to have some positive waves here, this is not a good refelction of the atl south barking at each other

who ever won ggxx is champ for now, next tourney try to take it from him, let the game do the talking


Well I’m happy to say I feel super confident I passed my hardest UCF test ever. So Tonight I’m partying, then tomorrow/Friday sometime I’ll take care of APEX, except I don’t have the GGXX sheets somebody kept it and I dunno where they are so I can’t. Everything else will be covered and go on my website as well.

I’m one happy man, See ya guys.

PS: Apex doesn’t seem to be working at all so til then I’ll put up the full results on my webpage til I can Apex them.

:lol: :lol: :lol: Owned.

Had crazy fun with everyone there, didn’t do too good… once again too gone for words lol. :stuck_out_tongue: Much thanks to anthony for letting me and Lovell stay, it was awesome I had fun playin’ Jojo’s adventures and the other shit, also logan was cool, say wassup to him. thanks to guiness for throwin this cya at the next one.

Had a fun time even though I got embarassed. Lol. 2Piece or Garvin shoulda won that GGXX. I dunno what happened…its like you guys just threw rounds away. Now we’re gonna have to listen to Flash until after Evo. :lol: Just kiddin man.

Too much hate in Florida. And too much shit talking. Good luck to guys that go to Evo, but please stop saying crap like you’re sure you’re going to make the DVD. That’s just asking to get busted up in the first round by a random Sol.


Did you not see the conversation I had with those orlando bastards they were talking too much shit PAY BACKS A BITCH!!!:mad: :lol: :smiley: :cool:

who cares if they r talkin shit

u won



just keep winning and let the game show your results

Your right but the shit talking is still fun anyway:lol: but yeah im done with this for now

I just heard I got 7th in MvC2. What ever place that came after that were scrubs and I can take your money.