Orlando, Fl July 5th, Results

Just a quick results thread, I’ll edit it out later when I have full results on Apex.

Cvs2(31 people)
1st- Trent Van Deven Tr3nt
2nd-Alex Jebailey Guinness
3rd- Albert Perez and Robert Rios Tied
5th-Christian Paw
5th-Cheng Chow

Grand Finals never happened for Cvs2

3rd Strike(27 people)

1st- Everdred
2nd-Alex Jebailey Guinness
3rd-Trent Van Deven
4th-Nathan Roach
5th-Tie Leland Miller and Robert Rios

I believe
1st- Robert Rios
2nd Jeffrey Tessar
3rd-Jose Paz
5th-Adam and Eli Tie

Sorry for the delays and not being able to finish up the finals for GGXX and Cvs2

There were over 80 different people throughout the course of the tournament for 5 different games.
I had a great time at this tournament and glad that everyone came out. I’ll add full on results later tonight when I have the chance.

Good tournament,man.:smiley:

Way to go, Everdread!

eh, slept through this one:(

It’s a shame this tourny was alot of fun, Ehh next time I guess.

I enjoyed this tournament more than any other I’ve ever been to. Great job, Alex.

I only wish I got to play Everdred’s Remy. Oh well, I watched enough eye candy to hold me over.

Yeah, if this tourney had VOOT (the game all real G’s play) then I’d have made a better effort to show up.


Next game to be added to the UCF tournies…NARUTO!

I had real fun at this tournament. I also now know I offically suck at SF. So unless I do better in a Tournament soon I am retired from trash talk about SF. But since I wooped up on Cordell in Halo ( I could have ended it when he had 20 kills, and beat down EVERDRED’S sorry friends ) I can still trash talk about Halo. Also Trent I had alot of fun playing you. It was to funny seeing you run away when you saw me.

P.S. EVERDRED didn’t deserve the win. My little brother did since he beat him and that’s The Truth !!!

Here’s the Top 5 for 3rd Strike:

1.) Doug “EVERDRED” (Remy SAII)
2.) Alex Jebailey “GUINNESS” (Ken SAIII/Elena SAII/Chun-li SAII)
3.) Trent Van Deven (Ken SAIII)
4.) Nathan Roach “SilverGear” (Elena SAII/Chun-li SAII/Q SAI)
5.) Robert Rios (Urien SAIII/Ken SAIII)


  • EVERDRED backed up his talk and took 1st with Remy, major props to him. I lost to him in the winners semi-finals. The multi-LoV’s I could handle no problem, but damn those CBK mind games really through me for a loop. Congrats on getting 1st!

  • How the hell Trent got 3rd still boggles my mind. :confused: :stuck_out_tongue: :lol:

  • I met up with Alex J. in the losers Semi’s where he beat me 3-1. My Q held his own for a while but thanks to Alex’s hover Elena I was forced to use Chun. In the end I made some stupid mistakes which cost me the match. Regardless he beat me fair and square. Good games Alex! Shame you’re retiring bro. :frowning:

  • Good games everybody. I had a great time and look forward to playing you all again in the near future!

P.S.: Mad props go out to Alex J. for throwing the tournament and Rick (aka Shinma_sama) for housing us! Thank you!

@_@ just got back… Robert did win the tourny and Jose came in 3rd… I think Adam came in 5th and Chaten 4th… Ill post more tommorrow… Alex if you need help understanding the brackets… let me know…

Well I had a good time at this tourney, but I’m also dissapointed in myself. Apparently i can’t seem to get top 10 in a tourney. You have no Idea how frustrating it is for me when you’re the only one ( no pun intended) thats plays this game competetively. You guys in Miami and Gville are lucky to have fight clubs and stuff. I’ve tried everything to organize that and no one seems to be responding here. I guess I’m not as good as I thought. All I know is that I’m gonna practice my hardest with what I have and hope that it’s not in Vain. i wish more people played where I live.

Just keep going to tourneys, i used to just play training mode in marvel all the time to get ready.

The tournament was hella gay

  1. No marvel
    There is no excuse for this, if I had one machine (two for that matter because I remember Halo was being played on TWO TV’s for the last 3 hours or even more) I could have had things run smoothly and it would have been over before CVS2, or GGXX started.

  2. Brackets

There should be no reason I had to face both Robert Rios and Muffin Man in BOTH GAMES I entered. That was really weak.

  1. Time

I dunno, maybe this was the 2nd tournament you ran, but you should have started CVS2/GGXX should have started eariler.

Despite the tournament running like crap I had a fun time seeing everyone and hanging out with them. Hopefully the next one will run better.

I really wish you guys would have marvel in there.Thats a sin not to include it in a tourney line-up nowadays.

Ok, I made a Decision. i’m gonna push for tourneys here in Tampa even if I have to run them myself( and I’m horrible at running tourneys ) The two games that are guaranteed are marvel and GGXX. Now all we need is like a hall or something. If I can’t find comp here in Tampa, then dammit , I’ll get it from somewhere else. It’s about time Tampa had a tourney.

Dude, don’t stress over not making the place in a tourney. Just keep playing against good people and you’ll eventually get better.

Shit look at me. I play all the time and I can’t win shit. … of course i’m not very competitve either but that’s beside the point

Who cares if you lose as long as you look good doing it, I aint give a shit about CVS2 and I still made it to the 5th round as long as I did the Sakura C-walk I was happy.

edit Issac if I remember right you lost to Jeff and Chetan so it’s not like you lost to some random GG swamp ass.

Are you the dude who was telling me (small asian guy) about your sakura CCs and Bison CCs?

I think so your the one who showed me how to add the side kick on to her hurricane kick right? Thanks again BTW this weekand renewed the fun in that game for me I’m gonna start playing it seriously now mabey I can finally get the jab after the hurricane kick:wasted: