Orlando-Fl Presents The Gathering Place Game SF4 Tourney June 20, 2009

Street Fighter 4 Tournament

When: Saturday, June 20 2009

Where: The Gathering Place Game
953 East Semoran Blvd Casselberry, Fl 32707

Details: Double Elimination Street Fighter 4 tournament.
2/3 rounds, 2/3 matches
Winner must stick with same character, loser may pick a new character.

XBOX 360, PS3: Bring your own controller.

Entry Fee: $15.00

Payout: $5.00 going to house fee and $10.00 going to the pot.

Registration: Registration will be from 11.00 am - 1.30 pm, with the tournament starting at 2:00. You can pre-register by sending an email to: gean23k@live.com with the following information in the subject line:

The Gathering Place Games SF4 Tournament 06/20/2009 Pre-registration.

Include your Name, SRK handle if applicable, your age and where you are from in the body of the message.

If you pre-register and do not show up by 2 you will be disqualified.

Hope to see everyone there and have fun.

I’ll be there, emailed you pre-reg info.

nice if u can bring friends for the tourney that will be nice too we want to make this event once per month so if we have a lot of people that will b great

You have the Jebailey stamp of Approval, get ready for people to come to your Tournament.

I might be goin not sure yet though but if i do oh buddy dont expect me to use balrog.

What is the pay out? Is it winner take all or 60/20/10? The prize is cash, not store credit right?

Damn, I hope to make this second tourney of yours, but I work on Saturdays :frowning: I made your last one which was on a Sunday. I’ll do my best! Do you plan on switching it up between Saturdays and Sundays? Lemme know, dude :smiley:

the prize is cash and the winner take 70% of the pot second get 20% and third get 10%

hope to c u there dude and yeah i might do that we have to c how this turn out.

Haha, yeah dude, I’m gonna fucking work this out. I’ve been to 3 tourneys in 5 weeks… and I’m hooked :looney: I’m hoping to work a half shift to make it there in time, The Gathering Place is only about 20 mins from my job. I’m especially excited because it appears some good competition is gonna be showing up :smiley:

I’m already spreading the word ;). Also I’m gonna Bring my Xbox 360 to help out and hopefully an Extra TV. You’ll want to have at least 3/4 since it’s your first tournament and who knows what the turnout will end up being. Either way it’ll be a fun day.

Sounds like the turnout is gonna be pretty good, I’m hyped. :smiley:

yeah hope it turns out good

thanks im spreading the word too hope everything goes good thanks again for everything

I might go to this.

Good, maybe we can finally play against each other. As much as I’d love to make it a money match, I don’t think we’ll have enough time for you to ask the crowd to put up the money for you or other Ft. Lauderdale players ;).

I work on Saturday or I would have been there. I don’t know if I’m ready for tournament play, still playing on a pad, but I would like to get up with local players and get some games in offline. I hate playing online due to the lag.

oh that sucks dude but i know what u mean i hate playing online too bc of the lag hope we can meet later i need to practice a lot too

I might be able to make this - my wife has a freaking garage sale so that’ll give me the perfect excuse to get out of the house :stuck_out_tongue:

I might be able to get DevilsFang to go as well…looking forward to it.

Once a month…and on a saturday as well…I’m all for it!!!