Orlando Florida Wills Pub Monthly Results

  1. Trent (Blanka, Gief) - 10
  2. Alex J. (Rog, Ryu, Blanka) - 7
  3. Eric N. (Sagat) - 5
  4. Javier G. (Rog) - 3
  5. Leland (Gief) - 2
  6. Jaime (Gief) - 2
  7. Jeramiah (Ryu, Blanka) - 1
  8. John M. (Viper, Gen) - 1

29 entrants

Good games everybody, thanks for making the event a success. I never want to see another Gief EVER again.

Peter O. had to leave early or he probably would of beat me.

Leland’s car got towed, which really sucks, sorry dude.

Hope to see you guys there next month!

Make sure you guys go to Googlemyname/Alex’s tourney at the end of next month!
(sorry, I forgot to announce that at the end!)


Damn Face, 29 people! That’s a pretty good turn-out for a Monday night. Wish I could have been there. Maybe next month.


twas a lot of fun, i look forward to the next one!!!


Good job, everyone. PS3 next time?